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At the LHAA we are here to help you succeed in your chosen career, we can also signpost you to sources of funding and careers guidance which well help you make an informed decision about your learning progression and pathway.

Sources of funding that you may wish to consider

  • Advanced Learner Loan (ALL)

    If you’re planning to study at Level 3 to 6 you may qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan. These loans help you to pay the fees charged by approved colleges and training organisations in England.

    What learners need to know

    • You need to pay course fees if you are 19 or over and wish to study for a qualification at Level 3 to 6.
    • You may be eligible for a government-backed Advanced Learner Loan to pay for your course fee.
    • The amount of money you can borrow depends on your course. The minimum amount you can borrow is £300.
    • When applying for an Advanced Learner Loan there is no credit check and household income is not taken into account.
    • Loan repayments are linked to what you earn when you’ve finished your course, not how much you borrowed.
    • You pay back your loan (plus interest) when you finish your course and earn more than £25,000 a year. Your repayments will stop if your income drops below £25,000 a year. This works out at £481 a week and £2,083 a month. You pay back 9% of the money you earn over £25,000.
    • If you’re employed, loan repayments will be taken directly from your salary through the tax system.
    • You can make voluntary repayments at any time.
    • Before taking out any loan you should consider all of your options. If you want advice on managing your finances, visit the Money Advice Service at http://www.moneyadviceservice for impartial advice.

    For information and advice on learning, career and funding options, visit

    For more information on loans and to apply, visit

    Tip: search for ‘funding’ on the National Careers Service website.

  • Professional Career Development Loans (PCDL)

    We are a Professional and Career Development Loans registered Learning Provider, registration number [11091]

    A Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial bank loan that you can use to help pay for work-related learning. For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit the http://GOV.UK website or contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900.

  • Help for ex-service members

    Re-training funding is available through ELCAS

    and The Royal British Legion

  • Charitable Trust Funds, The Princes Trust and The Shaw Trust

    Many UK charities (see offer help and funding for adult learners.

    The Princes Trust is available for those under the age of 25 -

    The Shaw Trust, lots of support and help but you need to be referred by your Job Centre Plus -

  • National Careers Service

    Tel: 0800 100 900

    This department will give you plenty of advice and guidance on what is available for you.

  • Pastoral Care and Support

    The LHAA will ensure that your learning takes place within a safe environment. You’ll have a Tutor who will mentor and support you with your progression and achievement on the programme and will develop an individual learning plan to meet your needs. Employer Engagement Managers and Safeguarding Officers are based at each of our Academies and together with your Tutor are all here to support you throughout your time at the LHAA and to make sure you have access to and are aware of the support and opportunities that are available to you.

    Our Employer Engagement Managers can support you with getting a job, CV writing, preparing for an interview as well as providing links to services that can assist you with a variety of issues such as financial advice, careers advice and safeguarding issues.


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