A Career In Hairdressing, What Can You Expect?

If you think back to when you were younger when people used to ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Along with a ballerina, firefighter and policeman, a hairdresser was usually on top of that list somewhere. Every person in the world at one point or another would have tried dying, cutting or styling their own locks but if you have ever considered picking up the scissors and using them to potentially create a career for yourself you have come to the right place. The London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy has made a guide on everything you can expect in your hairdressing career.

What is a hairdresser?


Hairdressers do a lot more than just cutting and washing hair. Did you know that hairdressers have to learn about how to handle hazardous substances and chemicals when they are discovering how to create hair colours and styles? They also have to ensure that the look will suit the clients face shape and complexions. Hair stylists have a challenging job in making sure every client has a hairstyle which will suit them but also give them a style they will love. 

Hairdressers typically work up to forty hours a week between the house of 9 am and 6 pm. You will usually get a day off during the week but you may be expected to work a Saturday shift as weekends are usually the busiest times for people who want to get their hair done. Part-time hours are usually available for those who cannot fit in a full-time role round their personal lives.

What qualifications do I need to become a hairdresser?


The most desired qualification for a career in hairdressing is a National Vocational Qualification - Level Three. This qualification deals with the skills necessary for taking on more senior management roles.  Some salons offer to train you in their own salon but you may wish to do a foundation degree or an apprenticeship. 

The London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy offers carefully designed Hairdressing and Barbering programmes which are based around real working environments which are designed to motivate young people who wish to be hairdressers to aspire to achieve excellence.

What are the skills required to be a hairdresser?

Hair stylists must complete many diverse tasks daily and always need to remain professional and friendly with all customers. The skills you will require to become a hairdresser include: 

  • Creativity 

  • “People Skills” 

  • Good Teamwork 

  • Practical Skills

  • Good Communication Skills

  • Awareness of fashion & trends

  • Willingness to learn

  • Attention to detail

  • Awareness of health & safety issues

Learning is essential at every stage of a hairdresser’s career and it’s a process that your future employers will be more than happy to invest in. From in salon sessions, small local training classes and international events, allowing yourself time to keep up to speed with the ever-changing industry is imperative. Staying up to date with the industry makes you more appealing to potential clients and as a result of this a more valuable employee.

What are my responsibilities?


When starting a new career it is important to understand what your responsibilities are. When becoming a hairdresser your key responsibilities vast and will include, making appointments to new and existing, greeting clients and finding out exactly what a client wants to gain from their appointment. You will also need to wash and condition hair, cut and style hair and work with colours. The hair dye colours have chemicals in them which means you will have the responsibility of working with chemical products safely. You will then have to handle payments as well as stay aware of new products and styles and develop your achievements too. 

What is a hairdressers salary?

Salaries for junior and trainee hair stylists can earn up to £16,000 and at the top of the profession, hairdressers can earn up to £30,000+ a year.

Where will I work?

Most hairdressers work in a salon which is usually very clean and well lit. However, this is not the only working environment available in hairdressing as long as you have your scissors and comb in hand you can go anywhere in the world. You could be working on a cruise ship, in hospitals or prisons. If you’re a natural entrepreneur you could also consider becoming self-employed and become a mobile hairdresser. With social media on the rise, you could even become a social media hairdressing influencer or work behind the scenes in film and TV.

How do I develop my hairdressing career?

Hairdressing is a brilliant career for those who want to work their way up the career ladder and want to feel fulfilled in their job whilst earning a good wage. Once you start working as a hairdresser you will need to ensure that you are always up to date with new techniques and products. Manufactures sometimes run short courses on their products to educate hair stylists as they know they will be able to sell these products directly to clients.

Once you have perfected your craft there are plenty of opportunities to progress. You might choose to learn more about certain aspects of the trade such as colouring, bridal hair styling, wigs, extensions or other creative and specialist hair designs. You could also complete a course which could combine fashion and makeup aimed at those who wish to work in the media industry. This is another route which hairdressing can take you down should you wish to work in a TV & Film-based job. 

There are also many competitions in the hairdressing industry which can help you make a name for yourself either on a local or international scale. If you win these competitions you are likely to become known in the press and in the industry as a whole. Winners also receive huge prizes from money and training to travelling the world. Once you have won a competition it could give you the opportunity to do photoshoots, become an ambassador or teach others your skills and knowledge.

What shall I expect?

If you enjoy working with people, have a creative flair, have an interest in fashion & art and enjoy a sense of achievement every day then hairdressing could be the right career for you. There are so many opportunities for personal development and growth within the industry which means you will never be stuck in regard to what to do next. Hairdressing is a career which will allow you to be creative on a daily basis and to have some fun. There is a great opportunity for growth and throughout your career, you will have the chance to meet talented people who will almost always teach you something new. 

Designing a cut needs care, precision and a natural appreciation for art. A hairstylist will have to have a full understanding of shapes and the elements that build them as well as the lines and angles of each component. A hairdressers job is to help a client make the most out of their appearance. It is an ever-changing profession with many many exciting opportunities for further progression.

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