A Conversation With Stephen Nurse Daniel Galvin Operations Director

At the Learning Curve Group Hair & Beauty Academy, we aim to provide courses that will provide a solid foundation for a career in hairdressing. As part of our apprenticeship program, we work with over 350 salons across London, Hertfordshire and Essex.  

One of these salons is the world-renowned Daniel Galvin, which has several locations across London. We had a chat with Stephen Nurse, their Operations Director, about his career journey and the value of apprenticeships.

1.What has your career journey been so far?

My mum used to get her hair cut at a salon in Leigh On Sea called Hair. I started there as a Saturday boy at age 15, and worked there until age 18 after I had left school. I knew I wanted to work in Central London and also knew I wanted the opportunity for travel, and saw an advert for on the job training at Daniel Galvin.

I got the job and spent 18 months doing on the job training, and qualified in 1985. I worked on clients at Daniel Galvin until 2003 and was also a part of the Daniel Galvin education team. This meant that I had the chance to travel around Europe, Asia and the US doing international beauty shows and educational events.

In 2003 I made the switch to join the management and operational side of the business. I started managing our salon apprentices and am now the Operations Director, in charge of 150 people across our salons and business.

2. What do you think the benefits of doing an apprenticeship are compared to college?

Hairdressing is a people business – you need to be able to communicate well. The best place to learn this is in a salon working on real clients. You wouldn’t be able to develop the same skills in a college.

3. What value do the apprentices at Daniel Galvin add to the business?

The blueprint of Daniel Galvin is training from within – our apprentices are the lifeblood and future of the business. 

I still interview all of our apprentices - I enjoy taking on a 16 year old that’s just finished school and helping them develop their confidence and skills to mould them into a rounded individual so they can have a successful career.

4. What do you think of the LCG Hair & Beauty academy’s apprenticeship training?

The LCG Hair & Beauty team that train our apprentices are the best, they are first class. They have a personal approach to the students and also are up to date with the current fashion and hair trends.

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