A Parent's Guide to Hairdressing Apprenticeships

If this is the year your child leaves school or college, you might be feeling as daunted by the future as they are. After all, there are a lot of different options available to them, and they'll probably want your advice to help them make the right decisions.

A long time ago, hairdressing and barbering were sometimes considered middle-of-the-road jobs without any real opportunities. It was this kind of misinformed stereotyping that made many parents discourage their children from entering the industry. 

However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Hairdressing is one of the most vibrant, exciting, financially rewarding industries your child could choose. It's also one of the few professions that's virtually future proof, guaranteeing there will always be work available whenever they want it. While most other industries are threatened continuously by changes in the economy and the increase in technology and AI, there will always be a demand for hairdressers and people will always want to get their hair cut by a human hairdresser or barber.  

Hairdressing isn't a dead-end job. It's a viable career. Central London hairdressers can command higher salaries than the headteacher of a large secondary school; anything up to £80-90k per annum. That's why an LHAA apprenticeship is something you and your child should think about very seriously.

At the LHAA we'll give your child all the training, expertise and confidence they need to make their hairdressing career a success. Even better, they'll gain invaluable experience working on the shop floor alongside one of our fabulous salon partners, who will teach them everything they need to know about the 'real world' salon environment. It’s demanding and challenging, but it’s the kind of experience that puts them miles ahead of University and College leavers. We're also fortunate to work with the best salon partners in the business, including household names like Daniel Galvin, Trevor Sorbie, and the salons inside major department stores like Liberty, Selfridges and Harrods.

An LHAA apprenticeship isn't an easy option. Our course is rigorous, technical, and your child will need to show commitment and creative flair. Because we motivate our apprentices to 'Aspire to Achieve Excellence', we also give them essential employability skills like customer service, product sales and commercial salon awareness. We appreciate that the world is changing faster than ever, so we make sure our apprentices are ready for everything the future might throw at them. 

But, before we get into the finer details of what the LHAA can offer your child, let's take a quick look at what apprenticeships are. It’s National Apprenticeship Week this week, so it's the perfect time to do some research!

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a real job. It gives your child hands-on experience and trains them to be fully competent in the career path they've chosen. Because it's a real job, they'll also earn while they learn. That's one of the many reasons why apprenticeships are an increasingly popular choice for school and college leavers - they offer a salary and an immediate entry into the world of work. Most University students will struggle to find employment in the area they've spent three or more years studying towards, and they'll leave University under a tremendous amount of debt. On the other hand, apprentices are already working in the industry they've chosen and don't have any debts to worry about.

Anyone aged 16 or over can become an apprentice so long as they live in the UK and they're not in full-time education. 

How are apprenticeships funded?

Apprenticeships are generally funded by the government, although there are co-funded exceptions. You and your child won't have to contribute anything financially. 

How much do apprentices get paid?

Apprentices receive the National Minimum Wage. That's currently £3.90 per hour (£4.15 per hour from April 2020) for apprentices who are either:

· Aged 16 to 18

· Aged 19 or over and in their first year of an apprenticeship.

All other apprentices are paid the minimum wage for their age. 

Apprentices are also entitled to paid holidays (a minimum of 20 days) plus sick pay and enrolment on a pension scheme. If they apply for a NUS Apprentice extra card, they can also receive exclusive discounts on everything from transport and gym memberships to eating out and supermarket shopping. 

How many hours a week does an apprentice work?

Apprentices work the same hours as all employees, a minimum of 30 hours to a maximum of 48 hours per week (or 40 hours per week if they're under 18.) They will spend 80% of their time working for an employer and the remainder working towards a nationally certified qualification.

How does an LHAA apprenticeship work?

We're glad you asked! For apprentices who are just beginning their hairdressing career and want to learn all the skills and aspects of our fabulous industry, we offer a Diploma for Hair Professionals (Hairdressing/Barbering) Level 2. They'll study for one day a week in one of our state-of-the-art academies and spend the rest of the week working and training with one of our incredible salon partners. We only work with the very best, and that's reflected in our apprentice's outstanding success rate – to date, 96% of our apprentices have passed their end-point assessment, with over a quarter of them achieving a distinction.

We also offer a Higher-Level Apprenticeship in Hairdressing for those who have completed their Level 2 and want to build upon their skills. This qualification is perfect for apprentices who wish to take on more responsibility in the salon or have the desire to start a hairdressing business for themselves. 

There are immediate starts on both these courses, and we run them throughout the year, so we're ready to go whenever your child is ready to join us! They also shouldn't worry if their exam results were disappointing. It's their passion and hard work we're looking for, not their qualifications. If your child wants to become an apprentice at the LHAA, we want to talk to them. We're interested in who they are, not the grades on a piece of paper. 

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