The state of Apprenticeships in the UK


With national apprenticeship week commencing Monday 14th March, we took a look at the current state of apprenticeships in the UK and put together what we found in an easy to understand infographic.
In 2014/15, perhaps interestingly, females make up a slight majority in terms of apprenticeships started, with 53% vs 47% males. Another stereotype busted, is that apprenticeships are only for ‘blue collar’ jobs. Whilst over 64,000 people started courses in Engineering and Manufacturing technologies, nearly double (over 125,000) began courses in Business, Administration and Law.
By far and away the most popular course was Health and Social Care (85,000) with Business Administration a far off second (49,000).  Other popularly construed courses are Engineering apprenticeships (18,000), Hairdressing  and Barbering apprenticeships (14,000) and Plumbing apprenticeships (7,000), which all fall outside the top 5, which is somewhat surprising as these are often seen to be the most popular courses.
Apprenticeships will be changing in 2016/17, with new government policies being enforced with the aim of the reducing the number of young people not in education, training or employment. The impact on society and the economy will be fascinating.

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