Apprenticeships: An investment in your future, without paying a penny!

There used to be a time when an internship was the first natural step after college or university. In fact according to Jeffrey J. Selingo, author of ‘There Is Life After College’, internships are still ‘a critical cog in the recruiting wheel for Fortune 500 companies and many smaller companies too’. But finding those internships has become increasingly difficult and, even if you’re lucky enough to be offered one, it doesn't necessarily mean there’s a full-time job waiting on the other side.

Selingo was talking primarily about internships in the U.S. but it’s an almost identical picture on this side of the pond. More and more people are leaving school and heading to university only to find themselves in enormous debt – and with no job on the horizon – when university is finished. Add another six months of low-paid or non-paid internship (assuming they’re lucky enough to find one) and their prospects still look bleak.

It’s no surprise that increasing numbers of university leavers never even find work in the industries they have studied for! Recently, we blogged about the ‘inequality trap’ faced by people who leave school and don’t go into further education, but going to university and leaving with a mountain of debt and no concrete employment prospects is a huge trap as well.

This is precisely why apprenticeships are crucial. Being an apprentice at the LHAA means you already have a placement at a salon and that you can Earn while you Learn – in other words, no debt worries and no concerns about finding a job once you’ve finished studying. From day one you’re being taught by hairdressing professionals who are the best in the business and you have already taken the first steps in your career. You have an education, work experience, a job and financial independence all rolled into one.

Very few things are guaranteed nowadays, especially where work is concerned, but an apprenticeship is. Apprenticeships are the future, and the best news is that they’re here to take advantage of now.

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