Apprenticeships are equal to university says the Prime Minister

Any doubts about the credibility of apprenticeships have been dismissed by Prime Minister David Cameron who has said they are equally as good as going to university.

While getting a degree has long been considered vital to securing a good job, Mr Cameron’s words prove that apprenticeships are now seen as the best alternative.
Unlike a university degree, in an apprenticeship you will be working from the beginning with a professional salon who take you on in a job and give you the chance to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN. Alongside this invaluable real life job experience, you’ll be trained by our team to the highest standard and have no worries about where you’ll be going the moment the ink on your graduation certificate is dry. In fact, apprenticeships are so valuable that Mr Cameron believes that most post-16 young adults should choose to either go to university or become an apprentice.
“We want to see fewer and fewer 18-year-olds leaving school without taking either path,” Mr Cameron told an audience at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in November. “If we’re going to compete in a global economy then we need to make sure that our young people are more highly skilled, more highly trained than our competitors. So either apprenticeships or universities for almost everybody.”
This is music to the ears of the team of LHAA, who have long seen the incredible opportunities afforded to young people by training in apprenticeships. For our industry, in particular, learning the skills from professionals, being exposed to the world of work straight away and working in one of the top 10 vocational careers has given our graduates everything they need to succeed.

At the LHAA we have over 75 vacancies for immediate start offering an opportunity to to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN. 

Emma Forrester, Senior Employer Engagement Manager at the LHAA Loughton says, “We have Apprenticeship programme’s beginning in January at all three academies in Borehamwood, Camden and Loughton and we are seeing a strong demand to join them. The OPEN DAYS we are holding in January, February and March across each academy are also proving to be very popular and this is a great way for potential apprentices to see the LHAA in action and to get a taster of exactly what an apprenticeship in hairdressing can offer’.

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