Why should you consider a Barbering Training course?

Barbering has seen a massive increase over recent years with more and more men taking pride and dedication in the way they look. With this increased demand and increase in expected quality, there is a growing amount of barbershops looking for experienced, well skilled and approachable individuals - Barbering is a great form for a creative outlet and allows those who may not want to head down the further education route opportunity to work towards a great career in the industry. The industry itself is very innovative and diverse, with trends coming and going there is always an update to the way barbers cut hair and the styles that customers want. The barbering training course provides learners with the needed skills to excel not on in barbering but also provide learners with the necessary employability skills. In addition to this, the barber training provided by LHAA aims to improve the confidence, technical and practical knowledge needed.

If you are thinking of working towards a career in barbering then please do get in touch with a member of the LHAA team today and we will be happy to discuss the training offered in greater detail with you. In addition to this, you can also head on down to one of our upcoming open days and meet some of the like-minded learners and teachers.

Why should you consider a career in Barbering?

There is a wide range of reasons to get into barbering - whether you want to become a senior stylist at a busy London salon or want to work with a range of students to help them have affordable quality haircuts. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to barbering. Some of the main reasons to consider a career in the industry are outlined below.


One of the main reasons and sometimes the sole reason people get into barbering is the creative aspect of the job. Traditional 9-5 jobs are not meant for everyone and barbering can be a lot more fun and rewarding than a desk job. You are able to flourish with creativity each day and bring something new to each hair cut. This will help you stand out and improve your job satisfaction.

Different each day

Another great thing about becoming a barber is that each day is different, different customers, different music, different atmosphere and people thrive off this. Barbering is about creating a style and look people are after - the vibe of the salon also plays a part and this is often a fun place to be and work.

Build up a reputation

With any job, reputation is key. Reputation is what makes your customers come back to you week after week. Within barbering, it is one of the most rewarding things to see when your client book rises and feedback is positive. We recommend all learners to think hard about this as it is a vital selling point when you want to progress your career within the industry.

Become your own boss

Once the reputation, experience and knowledge is there the next step that many people take is to start up a new shop. This allows you to become your own boss and really make your mark in the barbering world. This does have its challenges with added responsibilities and an increase in overheads it is something you must think hard about. It can also be one of the most rewarding things that you can possibly do!

Don’t give up

With any job there are ups and downs. It is important to not give up and to remain positive. Determination will see you go far within the barbering industry. When salon owners see dedication it is rewarded so it is important to think about how you want to position yourself once you are a fully trained barber.

The reasons mentioned above are just some of the things our learners say to us. Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself - If you are currently weighing up the options then please do speak with a member of the LHAA team as we can help answer questions and give you some things to think about.

What are the barbering courses that we offer?

We offer a wide range of barbering training courses that are suitable for adult learners and also apprentices. In addition to this, we also have experience of working with 100s of barbershops across London and do our best to help recently qualified barbers get their first job in the industry.

Level 2 Diploma - The level 2 Diploma offered by LHAA is aimed at providing learners with all of the tools needed to make their first step into barbering and is perfect for those who have a genuine interest and are looking to make their move into the industry - It is never too late to move in to a new industry and we will be able to offer you support and guidance throughout the process.

In addition to our level 2 diploma, we also have a range of Barbering Apprenticeship courses available - You can check out the range of these by heading on over to the link provided.

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