Bridal Hair: Is your salon prepared?

Bridal Hair: Is your salon prepared?

Summer is fast approaching and so is the wedding season, with brides all over the country excitedly planning their big day style. For salons, bridal hair can be incredibly lucrative but fraught with obstacles. So how do you navigate this tricky terrain and provide the sort of service where, when friends ask if they recommend you, your brides say, ‘I do!’?

Price it right!

Having a clear and concise pricing strategy is vital for you and the bride herself. Meeting first to chat through all the options available to your customer can help to build trust and clarify any questions. It’s a good idea to have a fixed price for your basic service, but to give a menu of extras that the bride can pick and choose from. It’s likely she’ll be tempted to treat herself, but the decision will be hers to make, and she won’t get stung with any expensive surprises.

Timing is key

Often you’ll be looking after the bride and some of the bridal party. This is where your time management skills are crucial. It’s imperative that the bride gets the full time required to create her look, and you should allow extra time for her in case of any last minute hitches. Don’t let demanding bridesmaids or other bridal party members throw off your schedule. It’s your responsibility to keep the day running seamlessly.

Assemble your crack team!

Bridal hair is a very particular expertise, as are the customer service skills required to deal with the demands of the job. You should be able to identify the members of your team best suited to the challenge. Part of managing the bridal hair team relies on your being precise about how long your stylists need to do their job, assigning tasks or people to each team member and, crucially, making sure the bride has one stylist looking after her all the way through the process. That relationship is built on understanding and trust, and will be key to getting great testimonials.

Don’t forget the groom!

These days, it’s not just brides who require some TLC on the big day. Grooms and their groomsmen should be accommodated too. If you can provide a barbering service, make sure you offer this to the bride and invite her to bring her groom in for a consultation. As with the bride, the groom may want to talk over options, or try a style that he’ll be wearing on the day itself. For weddings involving two grooms, it’s important to work out their individual looks and organize the time so that they can both receive the same level of attention on the day itself.

Make the day special

There’s no doubt that working with bridal parties is going to be emotional. There will be nerves, there could be tears, and there will hopefully be plenty of joy. To be successful as a bridal hair stylist, being a warm, supportive and a fun-loving part of the experience is vital. The bride needs to feel reassured by you and your team, but also feel that you are getting into the spirit of the day. A glass of bubbly for all is always a good idea. Keeping the mood light and fun, creating a happy atmosphere and being flexible is vital. Your bride should leave the salon with her bridal party and be raving about what a wonderful contribution your salon made to her big day.

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