Covid-19 Guidance for Salons

What will happen to my apprentice now my salon is closed?

Where possible you should aim to continue to pay your apprentice. This will guarantee that when this situation recovers you will retain the employment of the apprentice. It will also allow the apprentice to stay on programme and complete their apprenticeship programme. The Government are supporting business owners to cover wage costs to reduce redundancies and lay-offs. As long as the employee has been employed since 28th February 2020, they will be eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. The scheme is called the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme


What are details of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme?

The scheme will enable businesses to recover 80% of wage costs for employees on ‘furlough leave’ which is an entirely new concept and is a new class of indefinite leave where the government will reimburse the employer for wage costs.

This has been introduced as an alternative for employers who might have otherwise implemented redundancies, lay-off, unpaid leave or other measures for their employees.

All UK businesses are eligible to claim under the scheme. It seems that employees will be covered, but not other workers (such as casual staff or contractors) or the self-employed.

The government has announced that the scheme is available for at least three months from 1 March 2020 and will be extended if necessary.


What costs can I recover from the scheme?

The coronavirus job retention scheme allows for 80% of wage costs to be recovered up to £2,500 per month per employee. There is no limit on the number of employees or the duration. Wage costs are expected to include wages, pension contributions and employer national insurance (NI) contributions.


What do I need to do to claim this?

The Government are urgently setting up a portal where you will make your applications. This is not ready yet so you will need to monitor the HMRC website for more information.


Do I need to make my apprentice redundant?

The support provided by the Government will allow you to retain the apprentice through this period. We would strongly advise you not to make an apprentice redundant wherever possible. Many salon owners are preparing for a surge in business when the current restrictions are lifted. To manage your business continuity plans having a full compliment of staff will be beneficial.

My apprentice only started at my salon in the last couple of weeks. What does this mean for them?

If you have a new apprentice, please contact your Employer Engagement Manager who will guide and support you. The LHAA can currently continue to have them on their apprenticeship programme for an additional four weeks. The guidance provided to the LHAA is evolving and this may be subject to change, so please do engage with us if you have a new apprentice so we can support you.


Where should I seek advice on employment matters through this period of time?

We would advise all salons to continue to use ACAS to support any decisions you need to make about an apprentice’s employment. The LHAA can guide support you in understanding how your decisions may affect the apprentices learning. We cannot advise you on employment matters. There is dedicated link on the ACAS website


What do I do if the apprentice is sick?

If the apprentice is sick, and it is related to COVID 19, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), can now be paid from the first day of the sickness. We will record any reports of sickness and report that back to you with the attendance information.

You should also use your salon sick pay policy in this instance e.g. the learner may prefer to take a day of holiday, if this is part of your policy.

Any learner that has COVID 19 symptoms should self-isolate for 7 day and continue to self-isolate after 7 days if symptoms persist. There is further guidance on this point that can be found at


What will my apprentice be doing if they are furloughed?         

The standard rules for a furloughed employee are that they cannot engage in any work-related activity. This includes receiving emails, phone calls, carrying out duties related to the workplace.

If you have a furloughed apprentice, they can still continue their off-the-jJob-training (OTJT). This is the education that would normally take place in the academy or in your salon. All apprentices should continue their training to continue their apprenticeship programme.


How can you continue to educate my apprentice if your academies are closed?

Our dedicated team of Academy Managers, Tutors and Assessors will be continuing the education of all of our learners. Apprentices will receive an exciting and engaging mix of online classroom delivery, using zoom and Skype. This will allow them to stay connected to classmates as well as the tutor. Theory and practical demonstrations will be delivered in this format.

Our talented staff are currently recording video ‘how to’ guides to cover all of the elements of the course that apprentices can access at any time. Apprentices will be able to practise their skills using a block or family member where possible.

This will a continuation of accessing digital resources that they would use during their time at the academy. Apprentices will be completing the online education. Online activities from VTCT/ ITEC will also be used.

Functional Skills will also be delivered virtually. We will be using a new platform called Skills Forward. This will enable our tutors to teach and support learners with the development of their Functional Skills. The platform records how long the apprentice has been logged in for and the activity that they are completing.

LHAA is also able to access a full range of online courses from Learning Curve Group. LHAA is now part of a larger national training provider which will enhance the learning opportunities of the apprentices.


How can I be certain that my apprentice is continuing to learn?

Our team will be in constant communication with your apprentice throughout this period. On the morning of their usual academy day the tutor will contact the apprentice. We expect them to be contactable throughout their day of learning and to ‘register’ with the tutor by 10am. If this is not maintained they will be marked as an unauthorised absence.

The apprentice will be set work to complete. When the work has been completed this will be recorded. Your Employer Engagement Manager will be in regular contact with you to update you on their attendance and progress. You can then use this information for payroll purposes.


How can I stay in touch with LHAA to get advice and guidance?

The LHAA are here to support you through this difficult time. We will do everything we can to support you and your apprentice. We will always post the most up to date information on Coronavirus on our website

Our phone lines are still operational. Please expect a slight delay as the number routes through to a colleague working from home. Our phone number is 020 8953 9344.

Our Employer Engagement Managers are dedicated to supporting you through this difficult time and you should not hesitate in calling or emailing them to get some support and advice. We would encourage you to make contact. The team would love to hear from you and they are currently finding it difficult to make contact as you are not able to access your usual business phone line at this time.

Their details can be found at the bottom of this document.


What support can I access as a salon to support my business through this time?

The Government have released a range of support that is available to businesses. The detail can be found here:


What do I do about co-investment payments?

We understand that at this time your businesses may be under a great deal of pressure. We greatly value your support and partnership and we will endeavour to do all we can to support you and the apprentices we train through this.

We have a legal duty to uphold the ESFA funding rules and regulations. Updated guidance published by the ESFA on Monday 23/3/20 has stated that we should continue to deliver training to apprentices remotely and by doing so we must claim our funding retrospectively based on the training that can be evidenced. This means that for 19+ Non-Levy learners and all Levy learners we must still continue to collect the co-investment income from employers to remain compliant.

We ask that as your apprentice employees are continuing to work towards their apprenticeships, you do not cancel any direct debits you have in place with us and that you keep paying the co-investment due. If we cannot evidence that we have received these payments then we can no longer compliantly claim funding and your apprentices place on the course will be at risk.

If you think you are going to have difficulty in making a payment, we would encourage you to speak to your Employer Engagement Manager.


What will happen to my incentive payments?

Incentive payments will continue to paid through this period of time, as long as the apprentice is engaged in learning and remains on your payroll throughout this time.

Where can I get further information on what will happen to my apprentice during this time?

The Department for Education (DFE) and the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) have provided useful guidance here.


How can LHAA support me with my training and development?

LHAA are now part of a much larger national Training Provider, Learning Curve Group. There will be no change to the staff that you work with or how we structured at the moment. We will continue to offer high quality learning experiences and support to you and your apprentice.

This does present us with some exciting new opportunities that we are looking forward to offering you in the coming months. Learning Curve Group operate across many employment sectors. This will mean we can enhance the training and development of all of your staff, not just your stylists. We will remain committed to specialising in education in the hair and beauty sector.

The first exciting change that you can access right now through our ‘Education in Isolation’ campaign is a range of nationally recognised qualifications to support your own development. There are a range of business qualifications and many others that might suit your individual interests. The courses are fully Government funded. To find out more please follow this link and register your interest.


Working together

The whole team at the LHAA is here to support you and your business through this difficult time. We have built a fantastic working relationship with hundreds of salons across the South East of England and we will continue to be here for you. We know that our industry can come back stronger after this and we can do this by working together.


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