Don’t leave your hair out in the cold!

If you’re finding October’s falling temperatures and misty mornings difficult to adjust to (we know we are), consider how your precious hair is feeling. First, it had to compete with the heat and glorious sunshine of summer and now it’s got the slowly gathering cold and dank of autumn and winter to deal with. But the good news is that it’s not going to take much extra work to keep your fabulous locks looking and feeling healthy and happy, especially if you start protecting them before the nastier weather really kicks in…

Stay moisturised!

Everyone knows it’s important to keep your skin moisturised at this time of year, but how many of us give our hair the same consideration? We should, because the drier colder air can really affect the condition of our scalp and create problems like dandruff, scalp irritation and scalp redness. In extreme cases this can even weaken the roots of the hair and lead to hair loss. 

Luckily, two tablespoons of warm olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice is a quick and easy solution. Just massage it into your scalp, leave it to work its magic for twenty minutes (why not take the opportunity to read another LHAA blog?) and then shampoo it out followed by conditioner.

And while we’re on the subject of conditioning…

Stay conditioned!

If you want to keep your hair looking as gorgeous as possible, regular conditioning is key… but make sure you condition it properly. For most of us, it’s so tempting to either skip conditioning or just slather it on, hum the new Lady Gaga single for a couple of minutes (that’s just a suggestion – other songs and pop artists are available!) and then rinse it out and get on with our day. But, as we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, your hair needs as much moisture as you can give it during the autumn and winter months.

After you’ve shampooed your hair, rinse the shampoo out thoroughly (use lukewarm water to prevent stripping away the hair’s natural oils) and then apply the conditioner from the mid-lengths to the tips of your hair. Don’t skimp on giving the ends of your hair some special attention because this is where the most damage will be. Make sure you leave the conditioner in for several minutes and then rinse it out with cool water to seal in the moisture and your hair’s natural shine. 

Stay healthy!

So far we’ve been looking after our hair and scalp, but healthy hair and strong hair growth depends upon healthy follicles too. To help give your follicles the nourishment they need, slowly massage two teaspoons of olive oil into your scalp. The slow massaging encourages the oil to penetrate deep into the roots and also increases blood circulation which, in turn, encourages hair growth and helps keep each strand supple and strong.

Stay bouncy!

One of the big side effects of the colder drier weather is that your hair can lose its natural volume, shine and bounce. One solution is to raid your kitchen cabinets and apply raw honey to your hair from the scalp to the tips, cover it with a towel, and then wash it off with lukewarm water about half an hour later. Alternatively, beer can help repair cuticle damage and a mixture of warm water and egg can improve silkiness (when it’s applied to your hair, naturally!) 

Stay dry!

Our mothers always told us we should never leave the house with wet hair, especially when it is cold outside. But did they also add that you should never rub your hair dry with a towel (because the combination of friction and wet can cause damage) and you should never wear your hair up until it’s completely dry. 

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And there you have it! Follow these five simple rules and your hair will barely notice the seasons have changed, even while the rest of you is still trying to snuggle under the covers for as long as possible!

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