Don’t let winter hair leave you out in the cold!

Happy New Year everybody! We hope you’ve settled into January and that 2019 will give you everything you wish for, but we bet that what you won’t be wishing for is winter hair trouble!

Let’s face it, winter is the season for the kind of unforgiving weather that can take its toll on your luscious locks. However, it only takes one or two clever tips and tricks (and not a lot of extra work) to keep your mane in tip-top condition and protect it from the cold. Here are our favourite ways to beat the winter freeze and keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous.

Don’t overwash

The combination of falling temperatures, chilly winds and indoor central heating can leave your scalp dehydrated and dry, and if you wash your hair too often you’re risking further damage if it dries out in the cold. For the same reason, too much heat styling isn’t a good idea either – make sure you use a heat protect spray whenever you reach for those heated appliances.

Our advice is to limit hair washing to two or three times a week and use as natural and chemical-free a shampoo as possible. Sulphates and chemicals in shampoo can strip your hair of beneficial oils. Also, use a conditioning treatment that contains oil extracts to attract and retain moisture and keep your hair looking shiny.

Oh, and avoid hot showers. We know they can feel wonderful when it’s freezing outside, but water that’s above lukewarm can also strip essential moisture from your scalp and skin.

Eat properly

A healthy diet is important at any time of year, but during the winter months it’s vital that your intake includes plenty of Vitamin A, C and E plus minerals like zinc and iron. Not only will you be protecting your immune system, your bountiful barnet will thank you for it too! Omega 3 – which you’ll find in fish, walnuts and flax – will help to strengthen your hair, and leafy greens like spinach, kale and broccoli will promote growth. Feel like an afternoon snack? Almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts will keep hunger at bay and your filaments fit. Also, don’t forget that hair is a protein so eating high protein foods will be a massive benefit as well.

Don’t say “Argh” say Argan!

Argan oil is great for your hair in so many ways, and in winter it’s invaluable. Use it to instantly moisturise your hair and eliminate dry scalp and dandruff, but make sure the oil you use isn’t too heavy for your hair type. If you’re not sure, your hair stylist will advise you. Argan can also prevent frizz and knots, keep your hair soft, and help to repair split ends. Because it’s full of Vitamin E and antioxidants it can reduce skin inflammation too.

Tuck and cover!

Wear a hat to protect your hair from the cold but always carry a small bottle of dry shampoo with you to prevent hat hair. Remember that woolly hats can make your hair go frizzy so you might want to invest in some frizz control spray too. And, even though a ponytail is the perfect ‘get up and go’ hairstyle (especially on cold mornings when we all want to stay cosy under the duvet for as long as possible) a ponytail plus winter temperatures is not a good combination. Wearing your hair down is the best way to prevent additional breakage. But, if you really can’t resist tying that pony, make sure you wear it at different lengths to minimise the pressure on your hair. 

Stay trim

This is the easiest tip of them all – visit your stylist regularly for a trim, because removing dry split ends is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and your coif confident!

Stay tuned to our blog pages throughout the year for more seasonal hair advice as well as a lot, lot more. In the meantime, have a terrific January. See you next month!

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