Don't suffer the back to school blues!

It's only been a few weeks since you got your GCSE results, but you're back in the classroom and the homework is already mounting up. Worse still, you feel as though you've made the wrong move and you are watching your friends who've left school to start work having a great time and an active social life. Don't despair, it's not too late to join them!

Here at London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy we've still got spaces for those looking to forge a career in hairdressing or barbering, and to leave traditional education behind. Even if you signed up to stay on at school or opted for a college place, you can still chance your mind and have a gateway into an incredible career.
So why hairdressing or barbering? Firstly, by doing an apprenticeship at LHAA you will get to Earn While You Learn. That means that before you even start with us, a salon will have taken you on as an apprentice and be backing you as you start training with us. Not only does that mean money in your pocket right now, but it also means that once you've finished your apprenticeship there will be a job waiting for you. You won't go through the stress and anxiety faced by most graduates after they leave education, you'll simply walk into right into your role.
You'll have noticed how much the world of work continues to change thanks to advances in technology. But there is no computer or technological advance that can replace a hairdresser or barber. That's a skill that you'll learn and keep for life. It will travel with you if you decide to seek a new life abroad, it gives you the chance to work from your home, be self-employed or you might even find yourself doing a film star's hair one day. The possibilities are endless.
That's one of the reasons why hairdressers and barbers are among the happiest workers in the country. Studies show that it's a vocation that gives you flexibility in your life, a chance to channel your creativity and have the freedom to launch your own business. So don't sit at a desk wishing for a better life, strike out and get one by contacting us today. We can't wait to welcome you into this wonderful and vibrant industry.

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