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Is your school giving you the skills to leave education and dive straight into the world of work? For most students, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. According to a recent investigation by The House of Lords, people who leave school and choose to enter the workforce without going to University are facing ‘significant disadvantages’. “The current system for helping people move from school to work is failing most young people,” said Lady Corston, Chairwoman of the House’s Committee on Social Mobility, “They are simply not being adequately prepared for the world of work.”

For many of us this isn’t necessarily news although the Committee’s report is still shocking. There has always been an emphasis on academic achievement, with the insinuation that if you choose not to go to University or pursue other forms of Higher Education, your options in the working world are severely limited. It’s a short-sighted outlook but for many years it has been sadly true – if you haven’t taken the academic route, it’s more likely that you’ll be trapped in a low-skilled, poorly-paid job and no doubt hating every minute of it.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Now, more than ever, traditional education isn’t the only route to success, especially if you are drawn to a more creative and exciting way of life.

This is why apprenticeships are truly the way forward. When you become an apprentice at the LHAA, we’re not obsessed by your exam results. What’s more important to us is YOU – your enthusiasm, your passion to learn, and your hunger to succeed in the exhilarating, richly rewarding and ever-changing world of hairdressing and barbering.
But your apprenticeship won’t only unlock the pathway onto to a happy and challenging new career where the best professionals in the industry are teaching you their incredible skills, becoming an apprentice also means you already have a job with one of our salon-partners and that you Earn While You Learn, being paid a regular wage for all your hard work.

When you consider how many people leave University without a guaranteed job and thousands of pounds in debt, it’s really a no-brainer…
For a bright career with amazing prospects, an apprenticeship with the LHAA is by far the smartest option.

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