Explore your career potential at our open day

Open days at LHAA

Choosing the right career path can be a daunting task. If you think hairdressing or barbering could be the job for you, we’d love to give you an insight into the training we offer. Our open days are your chance to explore our academies, ask the questions you need answering and discover your potential. There’s no obligation to join us, just the opportunity to find out more.

What to expect at your LHAA open day

First things first, you’ll get the grand tour. We’re super proud of our facilities, and we want to show you that doing an apprenticeship at the LHAA means you’ll get the highest standards of teaching. For us, hairdressing is a serious business, and we intend to empower our apprentices by giving them the top level of training we can. We hope you’ll agree that our academies are second to none.

What does it take to be a hairdresser or barber?

We are interested in what you think hairdressing or barbering entails. There will be a session where we explore your thoughts on the job and show you the skills that we’ll teach you to make sure you are on top of your game. You’ll find out what kit you need, and the cost of it, before we showcase aspects of your apprenticeship course. Better still, we won’t be thinking short-term, you’ll get the chance to find out about where this training can take you in your career, and how to learn advanced skills that will propel you to greater success.

How to earn your place

At the LHAA to become an apprentice your GCSE results are not as important as your passion and enthusiasm. You’ll meet the talented team of tutors who’ll be guiding you during your time with us. We give each potential LHAA apprentice the chance to participate in a half-day interview process and the opportunity to earn their place. Not everyone will succeed, but if you give it your all, you’ll have the best chance of making the cut.


Meet the apprentices

Don’t just take it from us - we’ll give you a chance to quiz apprentices already on their LHAA journey. They can give you the inside story on what to expect, and how to get everything you need from the LHAA. We pride ourselves on the great record of success our apprentices have achieved. Their stories are the most powerful inspiration we can give aspiring hairdressers and barbers.


Sensational salon partners

As a LHAA apprentice, you’ll have the chance to earn as you learn thanks to our salon partners. When you join us, you’ll also be given a job by a salon partner - and we’re proud to tell you that we work with the best, including Brooks & Brooks, Gielly Green and Taylor Taylor to name just a few. It’s a real privilege to work with these incredible hairdressing pioneers, and together we can give you an excellent start to your career. They’ll expect commitment and hard work from you, but the rewards will be worth it.


What are you waiting for?

Don’t delay, book a spot one of our open days today. Just fill out the form you’ll find here, and start your journey into a world of opportunity.

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