Feeling GCSE anxiety? Enrol with the LHAA and don’t worry be happy!

Isn’t it the worst timing that as soon as the GCSE’s roll around the sun always starts shining. We remember what it was like, sweating over those exam papers and worrying that if we didn’t get the grades we needed the rest of our lives would be miserable. Everyone feels that way so if you’re going through that panic right now – please believe us, you’re not alone. But try to relax and remember that your GCSEs are just another step on your journey, and if you don’t get the results you’re hoping for – or even any results at all – you’ve still got a bright future ahead of you… especially if you want to train for a career as a hairdresser or barber with the LHAA.

And here’s why.

Hairdressing and barbering is one of those careers where most of us start with a dream and then work our way steadily to the top with skill, persistence, and dedication. It’s not about an A,B or C on a piece of paper. It’s about who you are – your personality, your willingness to learn, and your passion to succeed. If you’ve got those qualities, exam results aren’t important. In fact, let’s turn that around – someone could have the most spectacular exam results possible but if they don’t have the passion you’ve got to become the best hair professional possible, they’re never going to get as far as you can. Hairdressing is a competitive industry, but it isn’t your school results that will take you to the top.

Just think about your favourite hairdressers, the ones who are inspiring you to follow in their footsteps. Almost all of them came from very humble beginnings and then worked their way up to become legends. John Frieda started his career as a hairdressing apprentice. Nicky Clarke, who’s admitted in interviews that his qualifications “weren’t that brilliant”, started in a salon sweeping floors and making the tea long before he ever got the chance to pick up the scissors. Sam McKnight – probably the ultimate celebrity hairstylist – worked as an assistant at his local hairdressers before eventually carving out his remarkable star-studded career. And the list goes on…

They all started like you. With a dream and a passion to succeed. GCSE’s didn’t make them who they are now.

In fact, over the past few years GCSE’s have come in for a lot of criticism because more and more people are beginning to accept that “traditional academic disciplines… don’t work well for everyone”. That’s a direct quote from an article about GCSE’s that was published in The Telegraph back in 2016. You see, the system’s been going wrong for a very long time.

Here at the LHAA, we’re interested in who you are – not what your exam results might be. And that’s exactly what our salon partners are interested in too: You. There’s never been a better time to join us, and you’ll also be able to earn while you learn.

So, whatever happens in that exam room over the next few weeks, don’t worry about it. We’ll know what you’re capable of as soon as you come to see us, and if you aspire to hairdressing or barbering excellence we’re here to help you succeed every step, snip and colour of the way.

Leave the exam room, take a deep breath, enjoy the sunshine. And then give us a call.

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