Festival Hairstyles For Summer 2019

Into storage goes our cosy sweaters and scarfs as the festival season has finally arrived! which means we can get out our glitter and festival outfits for a Summer of a lifetime. Coachella Festival this year showed us a number of fashion and hair trends which displayed many different colours, accessories and styles which complemented their go-to festival outfits.  Festivals are a great way to experiment with different looks. Everyone puts in 110% effort at festivals as it is a time where you get to dress up and try out trends that you may not try whilst out and about normally. 

Don't be afraid to be unique as festival season is not the time to be shy. Remember though your hairstyles should be functional too, you will be spending all day in the hot sun dancing so be sure to choose a hairstyle that will hold. Most importantly make sure you feel confident and comfortable, you want to ultimately enjoy the festival and not be too worried about your looks, so pick something which you know you will feel good in all day.  Some of the festival hairstyles can be difficult to achieve the first time around so we recommend that as the event is getting closer you get practising to nail the look on yourself and friends. It’s time to brush up on your braiding skills and get the glitter back out because these festival hairstyles are perfect for your festival filled Summer 2019.

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Loose braid and waves


Fishtail braids are extremely easy to achieve but don't just tie your whole hair up, experiment with braiding sections of your hair whilst curling the rest. You will have beachy waves which will add texture to your hair whilst still having your hair up and out of your face, which will be perfect for dancing in the hot weather. Natural beach waves will add volume to your hair too in an effortless look that can draw attention. You can easily blow dry your hair into loose curls the night before the festival starts for curly locks for the duration of the festival. Adding a braid will add a uniqueness to the look and help you stand out from the crowd. Pair these two elements with some glitter or some hair rings and you will have hair that everyone will envy.

Temporary Pastel Colours

Pastel shades are perfect for your festival hair as they look gorgeous and are extremely easy to wash out. Festival season is time brilliant time to experiment and have a little bit of fun especially when it comes to the colour of your hair. Temporary hair colour has come a long way and won’t come out after one night at the festival. If you take a hair colouring spray with you will be able to top up the colour of your temporarily dyed hair which will then stay for the whole of the festival. 

Double Dutch Braids


Double Dutch Braids are as trendy as ever. This braided hairstyle is perfect for Summer festivals as they are not only functional by staying in place while your dancing during the hot Summer sunshine but it also looks very stylish. Also if you fall asleep with these braids in your hair overnight you will wake up with luscious, heatless, beach waves in the morning which is perfect for the next day at the festival.  You could even keep this style all weekend without worrying about washing it or fussing around with it. 

Glitter roots


Glitter roots will always be a festival staple, however, it can be a challenge. Our advice would be to mix the glitter you want to wear with some hair gel and to paint it on with a thick makeup brush. This should allow the glitter to stay put throughout the whole day and evening.  If you do not want to put glitter into your gel you could always use glitter hair spray which you simply spray on. You should place the glitter in the middle of your parting and spread it no more than an inch away from the parting. Mix some fine glitter with some chunky glitter to give it more texture! You can even use your fingers to sprinkle on more glitter to the parts of your hair that are looking slightly sparse. You can find this glitter in any arts and crafts shops or online.


Festivals are the perfect place to go over the top with hair accessories. We have found that hair rings can turn your average braid into an edgy look which will spice up your look. You could go for a more classic look by adding coloured yarn through your hair, keep the hair out of your face with a stylish headscarf or even weave fresh flowers into your braids. The opportunities are endless, in the past year, however, hair rings have become the main focus when it comes to festivals and we suspect to see a lot more of these this festival season.

Upside down braided space buns


Space Buns are a staple festival look and are extremely popular with celebrities. You could go for a half up half down style if you want a more reserved look. Leaving a few strands out will help if you want to go for a messier look. You could also french plait your hair upside down which will then reach your space buns for an extremely fashionable and stylish festival look. Finish this look off with some glitter roots to shine bright whilst dancing in the crowd.

Blown Top Knot

Festivals can actually be a muddy and sweaty environment and while you're dancing around in that environment you will want to tie up your hair so it’s not flying around and in your face. A messy top knot is a perfect and quick hairstyle to do something with your hair if you’re feeling hot and bothered. Tease the roots of your hair and twirl your hair up into a bun on top of your head. Pull some hair out of the front of your hair around your face to frame it and to go for a messier look.

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