Five apps to shake up your style!

Have you ever wanted to ditch your current look and be bold with something completely new? We all long for a style refresh from time-to-time, but it takes a brave soul to take the plunge. Thankfully, technology has stepped in to make this process a lot less painful. So, have fun experimenting with these five apps, and give yourself a consequence-free makeover before stepping into a salon.

1. Insta Hair Style Salon – iOS

There’s no need to wave a cut-out picture from Cosmo at your stylist these days, you can just text your new look requirements to them! With this app, you simply take a photo of yourself and upload it, then start trying things on. You’ve got over 150 ‘dos at your fingertips, and you’ll get info on the best styles for your face shape. As well as switching your style, you can also play with colour on this app. So, here’s your chance to see if you can work an ombre shade without asking your colourist to take the gamble.

2. Celebrity Hair Salon – iOS + Android

When Bey slays with her latest fashion highlight, Celebrity Hair Salon gives you the chance to get a slice of the action. This clever tool lets you try on the hairstyles of the rich and famous, without needing to win the lottery. It may be that you can only enjoy your celeb-makeover by posting it on Snapchat, but it’s better than never knowing how awesome you’d look with access to Adele’s beauty team. You can also try out so super fun decorations including jewels, sunglasses, etc. to create your red carpet look.

3. Hair Colour Booth - iOS

Take a journey into a whole new world of colour with this fun app. Having the focus entirely on your colour means that this is a very specific service, and you can get serious about shades. As well as offering every part of the rainbow, Hair Colour Booth also lets your play with streaks and sections. So, those wanting a multi-colour look can find out just what combinations work, and how to combine their favourite shades with precision. Like all the others, you can save and share the results. What better way to freak out your parents than posting blue hair on Facebook and tagging them?

4. Ultimate Hairstyle Try On – Android

Android users can enjoy their own famous hair party using Ultimate Hairstyle Try On. This app offers a wide range of celebrity hair to try on, and a full colour palette to experiment with too. We like the before and after feature which allows you to compare and contrast the results of your virtual makeover. You can adjust the style fit with the brush tool so that it works better for your face shape, and there are plenty of generic styles including up-dos, bobs, curly, and wedding styles to test out too. Through on a new colour and you’re ready to instruct your stylist.

5. Pimp My Hair – iOS

Fancy a laugh by testing the boundaries of your barnet? Pimp My Hair is the app for you. This cheeky invention is designed to tickle your funny bones by offering a range of wacky wigs for you to try on. The app invites you to redecorate your dome and then share the results with your friends, and they suggest that you get creative with the captions on those pictures. Crazy colours add to the fun, and we predict fierce fighting as you and your pals try to out-do each other. We can’t wait to see the results.
If you’ve got any suggestions for great apps that hair lovers need to have in their lives, please leave a comment.

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