Five reasons to start a LHAA apprenticeship

This week is National Apprenticeship Week, and we love the chance to wax lyrical about the awesome ways an apprenticeship can change your life. Traditional education is no longer the only route to success, and we see hundreds of youngsters develop skills, bloom professionally and then go out into the industry and make a splash. So if you’re considering the apprenticeship scheme following your GCSEs this year, here’s some inspirational reasons why it could be the best move you may ever make.

1. You Earn While You Learn!

Can you imagine starting a course where you are already employed by a salon and supported through your learning by them? It’s a dream come true for our apprentices, who will work in top salons as well as train at our academies - and be paid for it. It’s the perfect step from school into the world of work as you get a proper taste of working life, a wage and the chance to develop your skills. What a winning combination.

2. Hairdressing makes you happy

There’s a good reason hairdressing has been one of the top 10 vocational careers for many years: it brings joy. When you work as a hairdresser or barber, it’s in your power to totally transform your clients’ day, make them feel incredible about themselves and work surrounded by creative and like-minded people. It’s an energetic and fun industry, full of professionals with incredible talent. With so much inspiration around you, it’s a guaranteed way to up your happiness levels.

3. Freedom

For many people, their work dictates where they live and the lifestyle they have. But hairdressing and barbering are careers that can take you to all sorts of weird and wonderful places. With your kit in your bag and your skills sharpened, you can work all over the world, in all sorts of different industries and among fascinating folk. Whether you’re styling a film star or running your own business from your kitchen, the choice will be yours. You can also choose the way you want to work and make hairdressing fit in around your other plans.

4. Learn from the best

Here at the LHAA, we pride ourselves on working with the best. Our salon partners are industry heavyweights, who can offer amazing support to our apprentices. As an apprentice, you get to watch these people work, be in their salons and soak up all the knowledge they have to impart. As well as that, we’ll invite top stylists into our academies to give masterclasses. It’s incredible to see the effect on our students when an inspirational speaker comes and delivers their presentation. These people want to see the next generation rise up and succeed.

5. We want you!

You may be worrying about what happens if you don’t get a C grade in your GCSE Maths or English. Academia isn’t for everyone but to gain entry to the next phase of traditional education, you’ll need to re-sit those exams. That’s unless you decide on doing an apprenticeship instead. Exam results aren’t what’s important to us. We want to see enthusiastic, passionate youngsters with an eagerness to learn about hairdressing or barbering and to achieve great things. So you don’t need to worry what your results out, there’s a bright future ahead of you if you come and join us.

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