Five traps that hairdressers spend their life avoiding!

Working as a stylist is a gift to the creative soul, and we love nothing better than transforming hair from sad to spectacular. However, this job isn’t for the faint-hearted – especially when our clients and friends keep inadvertently tripping us up! 

Trap one: ‘I’ve got a picture to show you…’

Let us guess, is that photo one of Blake Lively looking a zillion dollars with a style so perfect it would make Vidal Sassoon weep? Or has Queen Bey mixed it up in the follicle department and you want a slice of that new trend action? Either way, let’s get one thing straight – this photo of yours ain’t going to be the reality. Not because our talents don’t extend that far, but because Blake and Beyonce spent hours in the chair, and they paid handsomely for the privilege. Throw in some computer magic in the airbrushing department and you’ve got a style that can’t be matched during an hour with us. We’ll take it as a guide and give you the best version we can. But unless you’ve been gifted with their genes, bank balances and the ability to extend time, let’s live in the real world.

Trap two: ‘I’ve decided to change my colour’

We get it, everyone gets fed up with the same old thing – be it style or colour. The trouble is that changing your locks from dark to fair is not a one step process. So when you rock up with red hair and demand to be Taylor blonde, we can’t wave a magic wand. We can take you through the process of stripping off the colour and making a fresh start but it’s not fast and it’s not easy. So buckle up and prepare to find a level of patience you never thought possible before.

Trap three: ‘Do whatever you want!’

What creative person doesn’t want to hear these magical words? If only they were true. Unless you’ve got the cajones of Gaga, you don’t really want us to do what we want. What you want is for us to make you look every shade of amazing imaginable. That’d be peachy if what constitutes ‘amazing’ was the same for us all. The truth is that style is subjective and what you do with your hair style is deeply personal. We know this because we’ve seen the faces of those who ask us to ‘do what you want’ after we have done just that. 

Trap four: ‘Can you do my hair for me?’

Dear friends, we love you and we love spending time with you. What we don’t love is that you want us to spend the time we have away from the salon working. Don’t you get sick of your mates asking you to be their personal stylist at 4pm on a Saturday, just when the sight of another split end is guaranteed to send you round the twist? And let the record show, they want you to bust out the magical scissors too – gah! So sorry girls, when we’re off the clock, let us be. 

Trap five: ‘Why don’t you have perfect hair?’

We’d love to wander around the salon swishing our hair like Jen Aniston in the 90s, but the reality is that we’ve got work to do. So that often means our hair is very much not 'on fleek’ during the daytime. Some customers believe that a hairdresser is only as good as their hair looks but that’s just so unfair. Firstly, unless science advances a heck of a lot quicker, we can’t take off our head and do the honours on our own barnet. Secondly, we probably had 15 minutes to sling it back in a ponytail before heading to the tube. Trust us, if our hair is a bit sorry for itself, it’s because we’ve been spending all our time making other people’s look amazing.

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