Get a great haircut without the price tag… at the LHAA!

Don’t let the cold grey start to the year get you down, it’s time to treat yourself with afantastic new haircut and inject some well-deserved style, shine and colour back into your life!

But what’s that you say? “Sounds great, but who can afford a stunning style transformation when we’re all still recovering from the expenses of Christmas?”

That’s no problem because we’ve got the perfect solution: be a model for one of our wonderful LHAA apprentices!

Our six training academies always require lucky models who our rising stars of tomorrow can work their magic on.

From consummate cutting, styling, colouring and finishing for the ladies to brilliant barbering, beard trims, highlighting and patterns for the gents, you’re always guaranteed a low cost / high quality experience when you model for our totally talented apprentices. Just take a look at our price list and be amazed by what we offer:

Oh, and if the thought of modelling for hairdressing students conjures up old-fashioned visions of being a nervous guinea pig trapped in an uncomfortable chair just waiting for something to go horribly wrong… think again! The facilities at all our training academies are state-of-the-art, our apprentices are closely supervised every snip of the way by some of the very best tutors in the business, and you’ll always receive the kind of warm welcome, professional customer service and loving attention to detail you’d expect from the most sought-after hair salon.

Here’s something else to think about – not only are our facilities state-of-the-art, our apprentices are too! We’re always teaching them the latest techniques and keeping them up-to-date with the newest hairstyles and hair fashions, which means you’ll always be on trend and you’ll always know you’re in the very best hands possible. Also, just like in any other salon, we’ll always make sure you’re absolutely happy with everything we do. You’re an important customer, you’re giving our apprentices invaluable experience, and we want you to leave smiling and come back again soon!

And here’s one very last important point to consider: all our students aspire to excellence sothe LHAA apprentice who’s making you look and feel like a supermodel today could easily turn out to be the George Northwood, Tracey Cunningham, Nicky Clarke or Trevor Sorbie of tomorrow… and your head helped get them there! How incredibly cool would that be? 

But let’s not think about the future, let’s think about the Now – and the fact that you shouldn’t wait a moment longer to beautify yourself up with a brilliant new barnet or barbering! Give your nearest LHAA academy a call and book your appointment today!

Who to call?

Camden Studio: 0207 267 5798 (ask for ‘the salon’)

Loughton Studio: 0208 508 2150 (ask for ‘the salon’)

Chiswick Studio: 0203 457 3753 (ask for ‘the salon’)

Croydon Studio: 0203 198 8753 (ask for ‘the salon’)

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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