Hair Courses London Why you should consider a career change!

Hair Courses London - Why you should consider a career change!

The world of hairdressing is large and diverse - There are a variety of different areas that people can explore. Hairdressing provides creatives with the ability to work in an environment that allows them to still pay their bills and also express their creativeness. Over recent years there has been a growing trend towards people leaving their old careers behind and working towards something they have an active interest and passion in. Hairdressing or Barbering could do the same for you! We spend most of our lives working so it is important to make sure the career that we are in is something that we see a future in and are able to remain motivated in. Here at LHAA we offer a variety of different hairdressing courses and apprenticeships to students across London and surrounding areas. Something that we are extremely proud to offer our students is the flexibility of our courses. We are able to tailor your wants and needs to any of the courses that we offer and match you with the course that is most suited to your skill set, aims and needs from the course or apprenticeship!

If you have any questions about the ‘Hair Courses London’ service we provide then please get in touch with a member of the LHAA team today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.

What are hair courses?

Hair courses can be one of two things you can either study to become a qualified hairdresser or the alternative is being a barber. Each have their own perks and benefits and it comes down to deciding whether you would like to cut male or female hair. The courses offered here at LHAA aim to give students not only the necessary skills needed to successfully cut hair but a whole heap of employability skills, working knowledge and experience in the hair cutting and styling industry. There are a variety of study units that students will be taught during their time at LHAA such as:

  • Client Consultations and discussing a variety of different styles with clients and customers

  • How to effectively and accurately provide a consultation for hair and scalp

  • Accurate cutting of female or male hair

  • Colour and Styling of hair

There are a variety of other things that you will learn and if you want to check what is covered in our hairdressing course as oppose to barbering then please head on over to the links provided or head on down to our open days. Or, simply give us a call!

Why should you decide to do a hair course?

A career in the hair industry provides a clear path of development and also security. The hairdressing and barbering industry is always in high demand and salons are always looking for new and exciting stylists to join their growing teams. Let's face it, people are always going to need their haircut and whilst that is a necessity there will always be a steady demand for the jobs. Within hairdressing and barbering there are a variety of different jobs and career paths available. Upon the completion of your apprenticeship or course you will be primed and ready to enter the world of hairdressing. You will be able to join as a key member to any salon and will be able to support the staff with key activities such as the liaison with clients, performing re styles and consultations and ultimately becoming a senior stylist at any given salon.

Hairdressing provides you with flexibility and does not pigeon hole you to a certain area but allows your creativity to flow and if you want to venture in to different areas such as theatrical hairdressing and television hairdressing there is also the scope and option to do this.

Our Hair Course Open Days in London

Something we are proud to offer here at LHAA is a variety of open days for various academies across London. This gives our potential students and clientele the chance to come and see the state of the art academies themselves and look around the great facilities that we offer. You can check out the next available open day by heading over to the link provided and it is a great idea to have a think about a few questions that you would like to ask members of our staff so that you are able to get the most out of the experience!

Why should you use LHAA?

LHAA are one of the most renowned and well used hair academies in London with 5 state of the art academies ensuring that no matter where our learners are based they can easily and comfortably travel to their lessons. The main reason we like to match our learners to their nearest academy is because we find that productivity and motivation levels are directly linked to how close they are to their academy. Another great thing about LHAA is that we have relationships with over 300 salons across London meaning that we are able to help you find your first job upon the completion of your apprenticeship or course. This takes stress away from you knowing that you will have access to a great network of salons upon the completion of your time with LHAA.

If you have any questions about the Hair Courses London we offer then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained team today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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