Our Comprehensive Courses will give learners all the skills needed to excel in the industry

Many people often dream and think of becoming a hairdresser but very few people take the step towards securing a place on a course and working towards their dream. In 2018 there are more and more opportunities for hairdressers, with growing demand and a rise in salons across London - Hairdressing is one of the highest demanded professions. Here at LHAA, we give our students the building blocks needed to excel in the competitive industry. Hair Cutting Courses will give learners a full overview of the technical and theoretical side to hairdressing and also cover the techniques and cutting skills needed to provide reliable and high-quality cuts to customers. We have Hair Academies Across London that are in great locations and all equipped with the latest equipment and technology that London salons stock. This means that when our learners head into their first hairdressing job they are fully aware of the equipment and can feel confident.

This post is here to talk about the different Hair Cutting Courses that we offer here at LHAA so that learners can get a feel for the courses - what they offer and decide what is the best option for them

Our Hair Cutting Courses

We have a wide range of Hair Cutting Courses here at LHAA and do our best to match our learners with the courses we have - Below we have summarised the main courses that we offer so that learners can get a feel for the different types.

Level 2 Diploma in Hairdressing

With this course, we are pleased to offer immediate starts throughout the year so there is no need for learners to wait. The course itself offers High-Quality Training in Hairdressing and learners will be trained on how to follow Health and Safety in a hair salon environment, client liaison, colouring and lightening of hair and a wide range of different styles and finish.

Level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing

Our Level 3 diploma is perfect to follow on from those who have been working towards the level 2 diploma and want to take their learning to the next level. Some of the main skills and techniques that learners will learn are hairdressing consultation services, styling and cutting women's. We will teach learners how to promote products and the services that salons offer to clients - This will help learners to build a rapport with  clients and develop the learners range of creative hairdressing design skills.  

Level 2 Diploma in Barbering

In addition to our hairdressing courses, we offer a variety of great barbering courses for our learners - The barbering course is similar to the hairdressing courses in the way that learners will be given full training on the main skills, techniques and equipment used in working barber shops. Some of these skills will include client consultation skills for a variety of different hairstyles - Learners will be taught how to style men's hair, cut men's hair and also style and cut different types and lengths of facial hair. Learners will also be able to create an image for a client based on a specific theme.

The majority of our courses will last for a period of 12 months and will involve one learning day each week. To cater to peoples schedules and other commitments we also give people the opportunity to come and learn during the evening between the hours of 4-9pm

Why learn Hair Cutting?

There are a variety of reasons to start a hair cutting course - Hairdressing can prove to be an extremely creative outlet for the creative people among us. There are some main skills that learners will need to excel in hair cutting such as, Manual Dexterity, Trustworthiness, Service/Social Skills, Independence and above all else; Willingness to learn. Ensuring that learners are willing to learn and develop in hairdressing will mean that learners are up to date with the latest trends in hairdressing, have expert knowledge in the practical application of hair cutting and will constantly be looking to develop skills at every eventuality. Some of the main reasons to consider a hair cutting carer are outlined below

A Good Wage

Once learners have finished their hair cutting course there are many salons across London that are always on the lookout for new employees to join their team - If learners decide to go for one of the Hairdressing Apprenticeships that we offer learners will also be entitled to a wage whilst learners learn - If learners would like to find out more about this in detail please head on over to the link provided. LHAA is also extremely proud to have a variety of relationships with some of the best salons across London so that when you are looking for your job upon completion we will be able to help source potential employers.

Training and Support

Choosing to do your Hair Cutting Course with LHAA will mean that learners will see the rewards of our extensive training programme that gives you all the skills needed to excel in the hairdressing industry. Throughout the course, learners will be assigned a Personal Tutor who will be their mentor and guide them whilst on the course - The support offered at LHAA will also allow learners to be salon ready by the end giving learners the confidence to pursue and develop their career.

Who is LHAA?

LHAA stands for London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy and we are an extremely innovative and versatile hairdressing academy. We pride ourselves on offering second to none courses and apprenticeships to our learners and develop, guide and encourage all learners to push themselves and become the best they can at Hair Cutting or Barbering. According to City and Guilds, Hairdressers are amongst the happiest workers in the UK - During your time with LHAA, you will be able to understand if Hairdressing is for you and if you want to pursue it as a full career. Our Haircutting Courses will ensure that learners will be able to finish within an 18 month period and be fully qualified to then start a career within hairdressing.

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