Everyone wants to know the secret to great looking, beautiful hair. But not all the conventional wisdom out there should be believed. So, how do you sort the fake from the fabulous? The LHAA haircare myth debunker is here to help! 

You should brush your hair 100 strokes a day

We don’t care what your grandma says, brushing your hair like this is only guaranteed to cause problems, not solve them. Wrestling your locks with a paddle brush will likely pull the strands from the follicles and could weaken the individual strands. Instead, just brush gently for styling and be kind to your scalp. Sorry to break this to you, but all that childhood ‘owwwing’ was for nothing!

Have a regular trim if you want your hair to grow

It’s not in our interests to discourage regular trips to the hairdresser. But if you are booking more regular appointments to grow Bella Hadid-esque tresses, it’s all in vain. As scientists tell us, hair grows from the follicles at the top, so what you do to the end of each strand is irrelevant. Don’t be a stranger to your stylist, though - a regular trim will give your hair more shape and help deal with split ends for would-be Rapunzels.

Cold water will make your hair shinier

Perhaps you are one of those brave souls who has finished off their morning shower with a blast of ice-cold water to achieve maximum shine. The good news is that shivering could have helped you burn a few extra calories. The bad news? It’s been doing nowt to enhance your shine. The trouble with hair is that it’s not alive and therefore doesn’t have any reaction one way or the other to water temperature. So, keep that dial at a nice warm temperature from now on.

Colouring your hair will damage it

One of the many reasons it’s great to be living in the 21st century is that the quality of hair products has improved dramatically. These days, hair dyes are manufactured to be gentle and have ingredients in them that can boost the appearance of your hair. Some dyes also contain extra conditioners which will improve the condition, and hair strands can look plumper when colour is added too. So, feel free to try out every colour from amethyst to ombre without worrying it’ll all fall out afterwards.

You can worry yourself to grey hair

We’re not against rocking a silver look but be assured that life’s ups and downs won’t turn your hair that colour. The reason that hair changes from its original colour to grey is down to genetics and the ageing process. When you age, the effect on your hair follicles is that they’ll produce less melanin, the pigment that gives your hair its colour. So, what started off as a rich brown or vibrant honey colour will inevitable fade to grey. Just keep your fingers crossed that your family has a history of ageing beautifully and maintaining hair colour for years. Either that or book an appointment with a colourist and put a spanner in Mother Nature’s plans.

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