Hair Trends for Summer 2019

With the cool weather and long darker nights coming to end we can now turn our focus towards summer - Getting ready for summer so that we look and feel our best is extremely important, we want to feel confident and ready to impress. Here at LHAA, we are constantly on the looking out for the latest trends within the industry so that we can advise both our learners and models on what is in style at the moment.

If you are considering a career in the Hair Industry, LHAA offers a wide range of Hairdressing Apprenticeships and Barbering Apprenticeships to students across London!

Long Braids


Long braids have long been a style of choice for many females out there - the sleek plaits are seen across Europe and can really complete a certain look or outfit. Long braids show that people mean business and are to be taken seriously - Similar to traditional braids the top half of the hair is sleek and organised with the long braid forming the main focal point of this hairstyle. 

Natural Movement Hair Styles


This hairstyle is great for those who want that easy and low maintenance hairstyle - Everyone's head of hair is different and people should embrace and take full advantage of the unique and different ways that the hair falls. It is a perfect look for those who may be heading on holiday to a beach resort where the last thing you want to do is keep washing and styling your hair. Natural hairstyles ooze effortlessness and sophistication. 

Wearable Wet Look


Another great look that requires little effort is the wearable wet look - Traditionally this is a swept back look and although it may look easy to pull off it does require some work. Whilst aesthetically this wet look is great it also is perfect for those in hot environments as it can provide you with some rest bite from the sun. One of the key things to pull of this style is to ensure that hair is left looking shiny and glossy avoiding any greasiness.

Some of the Hairdressing Courses that we offer

It is never too late to decide on a career change, we work with many different aged learners - Some of our learners are recent school leavers who are looking to get into the industry; others coming from a range of different backgrounds but decide that they want to work in a career that is flexible, ever-changing and exciting. We are proud to offer a range of great courses to our students and look forward to seeing them grow in their careers.

We provide a range of Hairdressing Apprenticeships for learners of all backgrounds - the main apprenticeships are below

Diploma for Hair Professionals Level 2

This is a great diploma for learners who are looking to get into hairdressing and get a good understanding of how the industry works, the skills needed to succeed and meet like-minded people. Learners will cover a range of things from initial consultations, shampooing & conditioning and a range of style and finishing techniques. The main aim of all the courses is to ensure that on the completion of the course the learners are able to walk into a job at a busy London salon.

For adult learners, we also offer a range of courses aimed at those who may have current commitments and cannot afford to be in a learning environment throughout the week. We wrote this handy article on the Hairdressing Courses for Adults that we offer so you can understand this in a bit more detail - If you have any questions please get in touch with a member of the LHAA team today.

We hope that you have taken something away from this article and looking forward to speaking with you whether it be towards starting a course with LHAA or one of the styles discussed above.

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