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Here at LHAA we are aware that schooling is not for everyone and know the stress that GCSEs and A Levels can bring upon young adults. There are other options out there, one of which is hairdressing. Going to a salon to get your haircut is something that needs to be done and something that customers enjoy and feel pampered by. If you enjoy going to your local salon; have you thought of studying to potentially work there? We offer a variety of Hairdressing Apprenticeships in London allowing learners to have the full experience of a salon environment and undergo the intense training needed to succeed in an industry that is constantly looking for the best and an industry where jobs are always in high demand. Studying to become a hairdresser allows learners to study towards a career that has clear progression paths available and one that is a fairly secure because everybody needs a haircut! This post is here to give you an overview of the Hairdressing Apprenticeships we offer in London 

If you have any questions for LHAA  then please get in touch with a member of our team today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

What are the Hairdressing Apprenticeships we offer?

Our hairdressing apprenticeships in London are geared towards young adults who do not wish to pursue their schooling years but would rather use their time studying towards something they have an active interest in and something that they can see themselves working and progressing in. Our apprenticeships provide the tools and skills needed to succeed in the Hairdressing industry allowing our students to use state of the art facilities across all of our academies and ensures that when it comes to finding a job they are in the best possible position. Hairdressing Apprenticeships are perfect for anyone that enjoys interacting and engaging with people - When people visit a salon they see it as a pampering and pleasurable experience and hairdressing allows you to be part of the whole experience and ensure that it is a enjoyable one for the customer. As part of the course there will be a variety of study units covered to give you the full overview of the industry and give you the tools to progress in to your first salon. During your time at the academy you will meet other link minded individuals and potentially make some long lasting friends who all share the same common interest as yourself.

Why should you study a Hairdressing Apprenticeship?

A hairdressing apprenticeship offers a variety of different career opportunities and allows you to study towards something that you have interest and passion in. One of the main reasons studying a Hairdressing Apprenticeship makes sense is that the sector itself turned over £6.2 billion in 2016 and across the UK employs a quarter of a million people. This means that in terms of job security and demand there is constantly demand and positions available at top hairdressing salons in London. There is also scope to progress higher in these salons. Studying to become a qualified hairdresser presents the possibility to become your own boss and set up as a self employed hairdresser; this allows you to work either from home or to provide home visits to your clients to cut their hair. The courses that we offer here at LHAA provide you with skills needed to excel at life and not just in the Hairdressing industry! In some cases advanced learners that apply themselves directly to the course will be able to enter a variety of colouring and stylist competitions increasing their awareness in the industry and opening up new doors for when they have finished the apprenticeship.

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Which Careers can you head into?

The world of hairdressing is a lot more versatile than people thing with a variety of different opportunities available to apprentices when they finish their hairdressing apprenticeship. The industry is a unique and constantly changing industry with new styles coming and going but the skills needed staying the same! Because Hairdressing is recognised globally there is nothing that ties you down to a location so once you have finished your apprenticeship you may find you want to work within the UK or you may want to work somewhere overseas. The main different career paths that are available to certified hairdressers are as follows:

  • Salon Work

  • Special Events i.e Weddings, Fayres and Events

  • Television & Film

  • Fashion & Glamour Photography

As you can see there are a variety of different sub industries and if fashion is something you are interested in there is always high demand for hair stylists that can come up with quirky and unique styles for a variety of models during fashion shoots. Something that we are extremely proud of here at LHAA is our connection to local and national salons and agencies which allow our new learners to find their ideal job. We have over 300 contacts with Salons in London and Greater London providing a variety of opportunities for our learners to find employment in a top professional salon once finished their apprenticeship!  

What does a Hairdressing Apprenticeship in London involve?

At LHAA we constantly review the apprenticeships we offer so that they are designed with the end learner in mind and ensures that they get the most out of their time at the academy. Our aim is to carefully design the courses in a way which is designed to motivate young adults and encourage them to achieve excellent things. If you want to browse the Various Options available for our Apprenticeships then please head on over to the link provided. The courses themselves involve training from real working hairdressers and provides the real work based experience needed to excel within the industry. In addition to this we also teach key employability skills to our apprentices such as customer service, commercial salon awareness and how to sell varying hairdressing products to their clientele. Our learners study all aspects of hairdressing by heading to one of our state of the art academies to study one day a week alongside the continual development in your main salon. We offer support to all of our leaders during their time at their salon and will provide regular contact and meetings with our learners. To achieve an apprenticeship learners must successfully complete their apprenticeships course requirements which can be found here. The main study units that are present in the programmes that we offer are as follows:

  • Consultation

  • Shampoo and treat the hair and scalp

  • Colour and Lighten Hair using a range of techniques

  • Style and finish hair using the main techniques

The units covered in the apprenticeship need be completed in order be presented with the completed award. In addition to this there is also the end point assessment - The End-Point assessment involves an external assessment from and independent examiner who will check that the learner can complete a range of services on a number of models to industry standards.

Our Different Hairdressing Apprenticeships in London

We have a variety of different apprenticeships available in London - This allows you to choose which ever one you think applies to you the most. We offer two different apprenticeships which can be found below

Diploma for Hair Professionals (Hairdressing) Level 2

Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional

All of our courses have immediate start dates with course starting throughout the year ensuring that there is little time that you will have to wait to start your new course!

We hope this has answered any questions that you may have had about our Hairdressing Apprenticeships London service and if you have any direct questions you would like to ask then please get in touch with a member of the LHAA team today!

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