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Whether you are just finishing up at school or are in a job currently - there is always the possibility to study to become a hairdresser here in London. It is important to find a job that gives you motivation and drive to better yourself and constantly improve on your standards. Hairdressing is a great creative outlet and is perfect for those who enjoy interacting and talking with people on a day to day basis. Hairdressing directly impacts a person's mood and as a hairdresser you get to play a big part in how people perceive themselves and the confidence that they have in everyday life. Schooling and university is not for everyone and we appreciate that here at LHAA and are here not only to guide you through your apprenticeship or hairdressing course but to provide you with the skills needed to thrive and enjoy life!

This post is here to explain the Hairdressing Courses we offer here in London and answer a variety of questions that you may have. You can head on down to one of our open days to meet some of our teachers and browse the state of the art academies we operate from! Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team via our contact form today!

Why consider a course and career in Hairdressing?

Hairdressing provides a stable and lucrative career - there is an increased demand for hairdressers with the industry becoming more and more popular with younger generations.  Hairdressing gives our learners the ability to study towards something that they have an active interest and something that they see a career forming in. It provides flexibility and the option to branch out and set up your own Salon and ensure that you are in a job that provides you with satisfaction and also the monetary assurance. Hairdressing is perfect for those who class themselves as extroverted and who enjoy engaging with people on a daily basis. If self employment and your own Salon is something that does not appeal to you, do not worry - Once you have finished a Hairdressing Course with LHAA you will gain the employability skills needed to work in some of the best Salons in London. Our courses provide learners with the skills needed to excel in the industry and progress up the ranks within salons and in short time periods.

Still interested? Why not head down to one of our open days to see a salon in action, meet some other like minded people and the teachers that will help you on this journey! Check out our Hairdressing Open Days by heading to the link provided.

What are our Adult Learner Hairdressing Courses?

Adult Learner courses are perfect for those who are currently in a career that they do not enjoy and fancy a change in to something that motivates and excites them! It is never too late to pursue a career that you enjoy and we think it is vital to having a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. In some circumstances the Adult Education Budget can apply to adult learners and we will be able to help you apply for this and hopefully receive this! We have two different adult learner courses here at LHAA either a Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing. Both of these allow you to be exposed to all areas of hairdressing allowing you to decide what is right for you. A level 3 is different to a level 2 as this allows the learner to take on more responsibility and will work towards them becoming a qualified senior stylist in a London Salon. You can find out more about the adult learner courses in London by heading on over to the link provided above.

If you are looking for Hairdressing Apprenticeships in London then please head on over to the link provided as this will give you all the things you need to know about a Hairdressing Apprenticeships and what you need to consider before going ahead and starting an apprenticeship

What careers can you head in to?

There are currently over 35,000 hair salons in the UK and because of the there is a high demand for jobs. Many salons are always on the hunt for additional hair stylists and hairdressers to join their team. There are also a variety of other areas that you can look for employment! One thing that people often forget is that all hair salons will need a variety of staff from hair stylists, customer liaison, colour technicians and a variety of other hairdressers who have the technical skills needed to benefit their salon!

If the Salon lifestyle is not for you there is always the opportunity for you to set up by yourself and perform haircuts from the comfort of your own home or alternatively travel to your customers house to provide the hair cut. There is also the opportunity to head in to the beauty and fashion industry as there is always opportunities for stylists and colourists who catch the eye of magazines and publications to seek employment there. TV and Movies, movies stars always need their hair fixing up and directors are always looking for the latest look and style for their characters.

Whether the Salon life, fashion life or personal business life is for you we are certain that you will be able to find a career path that you enjoy and can progress in with hairdressing

The Benefits to picking LHAA

Something that we are extremely proud of here at LHAA is our dedicated members of staff who actively seek to create relationships with some of the best salons across London. We have great relationships with over 300 salons in London allowing us to offer a variety of opportunities for our learners to progress and seek employment at these salons. Upon completion of your Hairdressing Course we will provide you with the guidance needed to take your first steps in to the Hairdressing Industry.

We have a collection of five academies across London providing our learners with an exceptional learning space that has multiple hairdressing stations and also great teaching facilities so that our students are able to practice the skills they are learning and also learn some of theory behind this to understand why they are doing things this way. Our teachers go above and beyond for our students and have had many years of experience within the hairdressing industry!

Want to find out more about who we are? Head on down to one of our open days to ask any questions that you may have!

Who are LHAA?

LHAA are one Londons leading hair academies and offer a variety of Adult Learner Courses and Apprenticeships to those who are looking to develop their skills and start a career in the hairdressing industry. We pride ourselves on offering an innovative hairdressing course which offers our learners the exposure they need to the hairdressing industry and also provides them with a variety of key employability skills that will set them well when they are finished with the course and looking for employment!

We hope this has been helpful for you and if you have any question about anything covered or would like to find out more about the service that we offer then please get in touch with a member of the LHAA team today!

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