Hairdressing Training - Our guide to the courses you should consider taking!

Hairdressing is a great career to get in to, it provides learners with a great creative outlet whilst working towards a great career in an exciting industry. There are a variety of different routes that you can take once finishing at school. University is not always the option for everyone and there are many different avenues that people can head down. A career in hairdressing is much more than just a job it allows you to interact with a range of clientele with different backgrounds and different wants from their hairdresser. This article is here to give you a bit of an overview of the main hairdressing training courses that are out there and the qualifications that these provide for people. Whether you are new to hairdressing or have been working in the industry for a while, there is always more room to learn.

If you have any questions about the Hairdressing training courses that are offered by LHAA or want to find out a bit more information about the courses and apprenticeships. Please get in touch with a member of the LHAA team today.

Why should you consider a course in Hairdressing?

Hairdressing has a variety of different paths that qualified learners can head down. Whilst proving to be sturdy and well-paid career hairdressing also proves to be a great creative outlet for hairdressers. Each client is different and will be looking for a different hair cut as a hairdresser you have a direct chance to influence peoples confidence and image. The main job role of a hairdresser will involve the day to day running of a salon, greeting customers, shampooing hair, cutting clients hair and providing cuts based on a specific image that a client may be after. The role of a hairdresser is perfect for those who want to work in a fast paced environment with a client facing role.

Hairdressing is a perfect career for those who may become bored easily, it provides you with the diversity of cutting many different styles and types of hair.

What are the Hairdressing Training courses that we offer?

As with many careers, there are a variety of different courses and qualifications that people can acquire - Here at LHAA we provide a wide range of hairdressing apprenticeships and hairdressing courses. Below you can find out a brief overview of the main Hairdressing Training that we offer - If you would like to talk with a member of the LHAA team then please get in touch today and potentially head on down to one of the upcoming Hairdressing Open days.

Diploma For Hair Professionals  (Level 2)

The main aim of this level 2 diploma for Hair Professionals is to provide learners with the skills needed to be a successful member at a busy London based salon. In addition to this, we want to prepare learners for the endpoint assessment. As this is a work based apprenticeship there is plenty of time for learners to develop there day to day skills in the salon and learn from the other salon members. In addition to this, there will be training days where our LHAA tutors will go over the theoretical and practical side of each aspect so that the level of knowledge is there. You can check out the full range of information by heading on over to the link provided.

Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional

The NVQ level 3 in hairdressing takes things to a higher level from level 2 - There is more of a focus on client and customer focusing tasks and level 3 with learners providing client consultation services,  creatively working a hair cut and style based on customers look and style. There is more focus on the creativity side as learners are expected to know both the technical aspects of cutting hair and also convey their own creativity into each cut. As this is an apprenticeship the main aim is to complete the course and pass the endpoint assessment.

You can check out the range of adult learner hairdressing courses that we have to offer by heading on over to the link provided.

What does a career in hairdressing look like?

A career in hairdressing provides people with a fast-paced lifestyle with a client facing role that is perfect for those who enjoy interacting with people on a regular basis. One of the great things about hairdressing is that there are a range of avenues and options for career progression. One of the main routes that people decide to head down is the self-employment route. This allows people to work to their own hours, source their own clients and be their own boss. There is also the option to head down the celebrity, TV and movie route, this will see you working to create a specific image for characters where diversity is key. The main route that fully qualified hairdressers head down is the option of working for a hair salon - this provides job security whilst satisfying the creative needs of customers.

There is always the option to further hairdressing training and become a full trainer providing learners with the skills needed to exceed in the industry.

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