How to pace yourself in party season

Hair salons and barbershops are busy places at any time of year, but November and December are the two months when everything goes a little bit crazy. Your customers might be a tad more stressed because they’ve got too much to do and want to look especially great for their Christmas and New Year parties. Meanwhile, you might feel a smidgen more frazzled because doing your best work, keeping a smile on your face, dealing with your own stress and trying to enjoy the compliments of the season is easier said than done.

Let’s face it, being a professional hairdresser is one of the best jobs in the world but – like every job – it also has a lot of built-in pressures: long hours (which might be even longer in Christmas season), physical fatigue and a quicker-than-usual turnaround of customers can all trigger stress and anxiety. That’s why it’s important to stay calm and focused if you’re going to keep your spirits up and energy levels high. 

At the Salon

Stay organised! 
If your workstation is clean and tidy, it’ll do wonders for your state of mind. That also includes taking a few minutes at the end of the day to untangle hairdryer cords, look over tomorrow’s schedule, and prepare yourself mentally for what to expect in the morning.

Stay positive! 
You’re in this industry because you love it, so approach every day with a can-do attitude and a positive state of mind. If something goes wrong (and it will) keep your sense of humour and don’t let anything get you down. Remember that no-one can ruin your day without your permission!

Stay concentrated! 
You might have a dozen customers today, but each customer is different and deserves the same level of care and attention. If your last customer was having a bad day because their work’s piling up and their Christmas shopping isn’t finished yet, your next customer might be buzzing with excitement because tomorrow they’re boarding a plane to somewhere exotic! Sometimes jumping from one customer to the next can feel quite schizophrenic, especially at Christmas time when everyone’s moods can be so up-and-down, so it’s important to mentally ‘reset’ yourself every time another client sits in your chair. 

Look after yourself

Get enough sleep! 
We know that’s easier said than done at party season, but getting a full night’s sleep – especially when you’ve got work the next day – is very important. Not only will you wake up happier and more refreshed, you’ll also think more clearly, your stress levels will be reduced, and your skin and hair will look and feel much healthier. Good sleeping habits can also strengthen your immune system and help prevent ageing.

Cut your sugar intake! 
Avoiding those chocolates can be tough at the best of times, but at Christmas it’s almost impossible. Now we’re not saying you should refuse a soft centre or two when the festive chocolate box makes its way around the salon, but remember that eating too much sugar in one go can lead to an energy crash a few hours later. If squares of dark chocolate are on offer, opt for those instead. Dark chocolate is packed with cell-repairing antioxidants. 

Get some fresh air! 
Yes, we know it’s cold and grey outside and the streets are probably packed with annoying Christmas shoppers but it’s important to grab a few minutes of fresh air in the middle of the day. Even though we’ve got Santa to look forward to the shorter, darker winter days can make us feel tired and depressed but a little bit of outdoors time can boost our mood and energy levels and help counteract the long hours we spend beneath those salon lights.

Get some ‘You’ time! 
Set aside a few minutes at the start and end of each day to calm your busy mind and relax. That doesn’t mean having to do a full-on meditation, just breathe deeply, slow down your thoughts, and feel the stress slip away. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel after just a brief period of quiet and contemplation.
Of course, this advice works all year round – not just for Christmas – but if you follow these few simple rules you’ll be set up for your most productive and high-energy party season ever! Have a great yuletide, everybody!

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