How to stay inspired!

We’re lucky. As hairdressers and barbers, we work in one of the most creative professions in the world, and we’re able to use our creativity every day to make our clients happy. But the big problem with creativity is that, although it’s always inside us, there are some days when it just doesn’t want to roll out of bed. So how do you keep yourself inspired? Well, inspiration’s like a magpie – it constantly needs something new and exciting to grab its attention. And the best way to do that is to seek ideas from everywhere!

Keep a Journal

Yes, we know that you’d rather have scissors in your hand but it’s amazing how five-to-ten minutes of freeform writing each day will get your creativity moving. First thing in the morning just scribble down whatever comes to mind – what you dreamed about last night, what you want to do today, what are your latest hopes and dreams, what did you notice yesterday that might be useful to remember next week, next month or next year? If you’ve got a story inside you, even if it’s just a couple of sentences long and you wouldn’t ever show it to anybody, write it down. It’s a great way to kickstart your imagination for the day ahead and you never know where that ten minutes of stream-of-consciousness scribbling might lead! 

Make a Scrapbook

Warning: This is going to sound very old-fashioned but, trust us, it works! Believe it or not, in the days before Pinterest we all kept something called scrapbooks. The thing about a scrapbook is, they’re tactile. They involve using those scissors (not your valuable hairdressing ones) and cutting out pictures and snippets of articles that inspire you, that you can look back over when your creativity is at its lowest. You could cut out photos of new hairstyles that inspire you and the latest colour trends. You could even cut out movie stills or swatches from the celebrity pages that intrigue you, and might fire up your creativity further down the line. How about old paintings, portraits and posters? (Don’t laugh, some of the best stylists in the world have been inspired by art that’s hundreds of years old) The trick is to follow your instinct and not think too hard about it, and the simple act of cutting out those pictures and putting them on the page (and turning over the pages to look at them) adds a weird kind of connection between you and the image. Okay, so you could do exactly the same thing with Pinterest and save yourself a lot of cutting out and sticking down, but we think something gets lost in the process. Don’t forget – as a hairdresser your creativity is tactile and it loves to be surprised.

Listen to Music

Working in a salon all day we’re used to hearing background music, but when was the last time you ever listened to the words of a song and really let it sink inside your soul? Listening to the music we enjoy not only lifts our mood but can take us to places that will make our creativity sing (literally!) Whenever you’re feeling down or uninspired, take a few moments to listen to a song that makes you feel good. In fact, why not put a playlist together for those days when you’re going to need some musical inspiration most?

Read more!

Sometimes it seems as if books have become another casualty in our fast-moving hi-tech world. Many of us feel we’re too busy to curl up with a great story. Sometimes we can even feel guilty for taking the time out to read. But here’s an important fact to remember: books aren’t just words on a page, they are pictures inside your head. And the best part about it? They are pictures you created. You decide what the characters look like, how they dress their hair, how they walk and move, how their voices sound. When you read a book you’re letting your imagination play, and your creativity will thank you for it.

Go for a walk… 

When you’re spending every day making clients look fabulous, it’s easy to forget there’s a whole world outside that’s brimming with inspiration. Going for a walk won’t only provide valuable exercise and fresh air, it will give you the chance to notice details most of us overlook because we’re too busy to see them: colours, designs, exciting new ideas. Your creativity needs to breathe just as much as you do, and taking a short walk each day and really paying attention to what’s around you will be an inspiration gold mine!

So, have we inspired you to become more inspired yet? What’s your go-to hack for keeping your creativity happy?

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