Is the LHAA your route out of unemployment?

Being unemployed is an extremely difficult and stressful thing to cope with. Many unemployed people long to return to the world of work but find their options limited and the cost of retraining too high. Studying at the LHAA is a lifeline for those looking for a solution to their unemployment woes. With us, you can train as a professional in an industry that offers freedom and opportunity, without having to pay a penny and by being given the chance to change your life and your earning potential and remember the course is FULLY FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT – THERE ARE N0 FEES.
Sounds too good to be true?
Don’t worry, there isn’t a catch. Once you’ve completed the course with us, you’ve got the option of working in a salon environment or setting up as a self-employed stylist. That means you can make the job work for you, in whatever way you chose.
Enjoy total freedom
According to a survey published by the National Hairdressers Federation, 51.3% of people working in hairdressing and barbering are self-employed. These people are taking full advantage of the flexibility that the profession offers you. As a self-employed person, you can choose the hours you work, make those hours fit your schedule and your family’s requirements. Many hairdressers build up a client base in their local neighbourhood, either popping into their customer’s houses to do the work or seeing them at their home instead. This flexibility allows you to charge the price you want, keep business costs low and enjoy complete freedom. It’s a pretty enviable position for most people, especially mums who have to consider their children as part of their work/life balance. The same survey found that 88% of people working in hairdressing and barbering are female, which is no surprise given how family-friendly a self-employed stylist’s schedule can be.
You are good enough!
Perhaps having spent a long time out of work means your confidence is low. Don’t despair. Our courses don’t require you to have a CV full of experience or good exam results. We understand that creative, motivated people can come from many different places, and our courses are designed to give you everything you need to thrive. All you need to do is arrive with enthusiasm, the desire to achieve and the focus to learn our trade. The results could be life-changing.
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