Jackie Lee Wella Master Colour Expert

The master colour programme is the highest level of colour education by Wella. In total it lasts 13 days and is broken down into four stages and if successful you will become a master colour expert.

The stages are as follows;

Stage 1 – looks at the foundations of colour
Stage 2 – Revisits all aspects of colouring, skin, guest artist and written exam
Stage 3 – Another guest artist as well as theory and practical sessions
Stage 4 – Colour correction final practical test

Before I started the course I thought I wouldn’t learn that much, I have delivered colour theory to level 2 and level 3 learners and was confident in my knowledge.
Once I started it became clear that there was much more to learn. We went deep into colour which even included learning about the parts of the eye and how we actually see colour, (Blue/cream dress)

I was in a group of 8 but being the only tutor I was worried that the others had an advantage over me as they could practice every day and I am not a practising hairdresser in a salon on a daily basis.

It was great learning different techniques and products that I hadn’t used before. We had two guest artists throughout the course, one from Sassoon and one from Taylor Taylor, this I loved.

Stage 4 is the one people dread; it’s a practical corrective test. You have a block that’s sectioned in quarters all with different colours-

1 – Blonde to dark
2 – Black to blonde
3 – Red with a black band
4 – Green

You must get all quarters as near to a 6/0 as possible. For each section you are questioned about the method used, products, mixing ratios, timings and application. You will lose points if the block becomes stained, you use the wrong product/or application, or if you are out of time or use an incorrect product to remove the colour.

We were all very nervous on the final day and it felt like forever until we found out the results, I was very happy to have achieved 98%, and 100% on three of my sections. My tutor said it’s the highest score she’s given in a long time and she confessed that initially she was worried about me completing as I’m not in a salon on a daily basis.

So what now? Well I graduate in November and will return every year to see what’s new in the world of colour.

I will be completing training with other tutors at the academy so I can share my knowledge with them as well as my students.

We are also implementing the block colour challenge to all our level 3 students.

I’m so thankful for Trevor and Francine the Academy Director’s for allowing me to complete the course, it was an amazing experience and I met some great people.

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