Summer was great, wasn’t it? And when the sun’s out and the weather’s warm it’s easy to put off making decisions about work until the seasons change and the weather gets cooler. But now autumn’s here, the end of the year is only three short months away, and if you left school at the start of summer and you’re still wondering what to do next we bet a little bit of worry might be starting to creep in.

Relax, because here at the LHAA we’ve got the perfect solution - especially if you’re looking for an exciting future that’s creative, financially and socially rewarding, offers countless different pathways that could take you to some of the most glamorous places in the world, and where the skills we teach you will always be in demand.

It’s time to start your career in hairdressing or barbering.

It’s all about You

Unlike most other careers that want to stamp out your personality and pigeonhole you into becoming somebody you’re not, being a successful hairdresser relies upon who you are, your individual talents and your own special brand of creativity. That’s why, when the majority of clients get their hair cut, they’ll always want to rebook an appointment with their favourite stylist.

When you’re a hairdresser, your customers appreciate what you’re doing for them and the way you make them feel. You quickly develop trust and rapport and build important, lasting relationships with your clientele and all the other hairdressers and salon staff working alongside you. You’re part of a constantly extending family, and who knows what opportunities your network might offer you in the future? And, at the end of each appointment, you’re the one who was responsible for putting that huge smile on your customer’s face (and getting well paid for it too!) 

No-one can ever be the same unique hairdresser that you are and a career in hairdressing or barbering gives your uniqueness the power to shine.

You’ll always be in demand

Economically, times are more uncertain than ever. Businesses are closing, technology is replacing human workers, and barely a day goes by without some headline or other warning us that within the next decade or so robots are going to make us all redundant. Most people can never be sure if they’ll still be employed in six months or a years’ time.

But just look at all the hairdressing salons that are thriving on the high street. Look at how mobile and freelance ‘at home’ hairdressing has taken off in a huge way, because people are so busy they need their stylist to come to them. And although robots are very clever, can you imagine a world where anybody (besides another robot) would want a robot to cut their hair or shave their beard? It’s not going to happen.

As a hairdresser, your employment prospects will never be in doubt. There’ll always be another salon you can join, and you can always set out on your own if you’ve got a more entrepreneurial type of personality or have to work around the demands of your personal life. You could even open your own salon, and eventually a chain of salons, and really make your mark on our incredible industry. Or you could travel the world and take your skills to places that most other people can only dream of. You could work in a cruise ship or an exotic salon or spa, or you could simply globetrot to your heart’s content and earn money cutting hair as you go.

Feel like staying closer to home, but salon or freelance hairdressing may not be your thing? That’s no problem! Whenever you want a change, there are a lot of other hairdressing opportunities to take advantage of: hairdressers are always in demand on TV and Film sets and although each project tends not to last longer than a few weeks or months there’ll always be another movie or television show you can move onto next. Or how about working in the theatre? Or in the hyper-glamorous world of fashion shows, fashion photography or fashion magazines? If you’re a stylist who enjoys collaborating with other incredibly creative people, and who likes to give your own creativity all the freedom possible to try something different and eye-catching that nobody else has ever seen before, you’ll quickly make a name for yourself as a reliable talent who designers, photographers and editors will all want to work with. 

Here’s the bottom line: your hairdressing or barbering skills will always earn you money, and whenever you want to work there will always be work available. Of course, that also means if you don’t want to work you can take time off for as long as you like and know the opportunities will still be there when you decide to come back. How many other professions can offer that kind of flexibility, security and peace of mind?

Financial stability

Okay, we’re not going to pretend that hairdressing is a way to get rich quick but, unless you’re very very lucky and want to live your life as some fat cat’s drone, 99.9% of other jobs aren’t a way to get rich quick either. But, if you work hard and really throw your passion into everything you do, you’ll be making a good income before you know it and an even better income as you keep climbing the hairdressing ladder. 

Study some of the hairdressing greats and you’ll see they all worked their way up from the very bottom but look at where they are now! And it’s the skills they learned at the bottom that became the foundation of their greatness. Whereas some old wives’ sayings should be taken with a grain of salt (like the saying “You should take that with a grain of salt”!!) there’s a lot of truth in the one that goes “Nothing worth having comes easy.” And although you’re at the bottom of that ladder right now, we bet you’ll be surprised by how quickly things begin to change.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of sayings, here’s one we like from Steve Jobs that could easily apply to your new hairdressing career: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

It’s hard to disagree with that, isn’t it?

Next Steps

Enrol with the LHAA! Yes, it’s as simple as that! There are always places available on our popular apprenticeship courses, we’ll teach you all the skills you need to launch your amazing hairdressing or barbering career, and one of our fantastic salon partners will take you under their wing so you’ll immediately gain invaluable ‘real world’ experience. Plus, as a LHAA apprentice you’ll even get paid for studying with us. 

Don’t worry about your school qualifications either. It doesn’t matter if you did well in your exams or even if your exam results were a serious no-show, we still want to meet you. You’re the one who’s important, not what you have or don’t have on a piece of paper. If you’ve got passion, enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard and to learn, those are all the qualities you need to make an outstanding LHAA apprentice.

Check out our website, send us an email or give us a call today. We can’t wait to meet you and help launch your career in the fabulous world of hairdressing or barbering.  

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