Find out why you should use the Learning Curve Group Hair & Beauty Academy as your London Hair School We have five expertly equipped academies across London!

Find out why you should use the Learning Curve Group Hair & Beauty Academy as your London Hair School

Find out why you should use the Learning Curve Group Hair & Beauty Academy as your London Hair School - We have five expertly equipped academies across London!

Here at the LCG Hair & Beauty Academy we appreciate that schooling and university is not for everyone and in today's day and age you do not need a university degree to succeed in life. It is important to find something that you enjoy and have motivation in to pursue as a career. If you find a job that you enjoy it becomes less of a job and more of a pleasurable experience and can improve your motivation towards life and also how productive you are. You may not be familiar with Barbering and Hairdressing courses but there are a variety of different courses that you can study here across a variety of different levels. This post is here to explain our London Hair School Courses, the difference between hairdressing and barbering courses and a bit about the LCG Hair & Beauty Academy and our 5 state of the art academies across London

If you have any questions about the London Hair School courses that we offer here then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained team today and we will be happy to talk you through your various options and explain the courses in greater detail. Alternatively, you can head down to one of our upcoming open days to meet some of your potential course friends and the teachers who will become your mentors.

Why should you think about a career in hairdressing or barbering?

Recently there has been a big increase in the hairdressing industry here in the UK. In a study conducted in 2017 there are around 287,000 people employed within the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry here in the UK; the industry itself accounts for almost £7bn turnover a year (2014) with over 19,000 people starting hairdressing related apprenticeships in 2015/16. Join the growing trend at one of our London Hair Schools. Studying to become a qualified hairdresser provides many benefits to you.

In addition to joining an ever growing industry that has a high demand for jobs, you will also learn a variety of life skills that are fully transferable to different jobs and provide you with a well rounded education that sets you up for adult life. Hairdressing is an industry that is perfect for those who enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis as you will have a direct impact on customers moods and when providing a haircut you are helping people to feel their best and confident with their new look. Another thing that should make you think about a career in hairdressing is the flexible working hours and ability to become your own boss. Hairdressers have the ability to fit working hours around other commitments which can be agreed with the salon manager. You also have the potential to set up your own business and go at hairdressing on your own, building up client lists and employing your own workforce

What are the Hairdressing and Barbering courses we offer in London?

At the LCG Hair & Beauty Academy we pride ourselves on having a well thought out and learner focused courses allowing for our learners to excel in their chosen course and focus on a variety of aspects of hairdressing so that they get a wholesome view of hairdressing and one that sets you up for employment straight away upon completion of your course. So, what exactly are the courses we offer? Please find the main hairdressing courses we offer below with some information on the courses to help you have a better understanding.

Diploma for Hair Professionals (Hairdressing) Level 2

This course is perfect for those looking to achieve a professional apprenticeship; teaching students 5 main components, consultations, shampoo and conditioning, colouring and lightening hair, Style and finish using a variety of expert techniques and finally how to cut hair professionally and to an exceptional standard. If you think this sounds like a good fit for you then head on over to the link provided to find out a bit more about our level 2 hair courses!

Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional

This course is a great fit for those who are looking to do a more in depth apprenticeship and complete a level 3 programme. With this level 5 apprenticeship you learn the following skills:

  • Learn and conduct client consultation services

  • Learn how to Creatively cut hair using a combination of techniques

  • Learn how to Creatively colour and lighten hair

  • Learn a variety of Hair colour correction services

  • Develop skills that will allow you to creatively style and dress hair  

  • Practice, Develop and enhance your creative hairdressing skills

  • Learn how to provide creative hair extension services

All of our courses are designed to provide learners with the skill sets needed to excel within the hairdressing industry and provide learners with the ability to practice their skills and develop their own style allowing you to try all the different styles of hairdressing to make sure that you find the best style and avenue that best suits you!

If you would like to find out a bit more about the London Hair School courses that we have then please get in touch with a member of our team today or head on down to one of our open days to get a feel for the teaching style and opportunities that are available here.

How long are the Hairdressing Courses we offer?

One question you might be asking yourself is ‘how long are hairdressing apprenticeships’? Most of our students are able to complete their hairdressing apprenticeship within a 10-14 month period. This allows students to get a full overview of what hairdressing has to offer and ensures that they are in an extremely employable position once they have finished their apprenticeship. Something that can usually hold students is back is waiting for a start date - Here at the LCG Hair & Beauty Academy we have courses that start throughout the year so once you sign up we will match you with the most suitable course minimising the wait time between deciding to start your new journey and the journey beginning.

Where are our London Hair Schools located?

We have a variety of Hair Schools across London to ensure that our learners can go to their nearest academy and minimise the travel time to and from their course. It is important to ensure that motivation and engagement levels are high throughout the course.

Borehamwood Hair Academy - Borehamwood opened in 2011 and was the first hairdressing and barbering academy that we opened and has two expertly equipped rooms making it perfect for hairdressing courses. This academy has 32 hairdressing columns with highly skilled and talented hairdressers ready to train our learners.

Camden Hair Academy - Our Camden academy was opened back in 2014 was our third and our most prestigious academy offering an excellent environment for learners to learn their hairdressing skills. As with all of our academies the equipment is state of the art and preps you for salon employment.

Loughton Hair Academy - Our hairdressing academy in Loughton was the second hairdressing academy that we open back in July 2012. At this location we have over 24 hairdressing columns with a fully equipped training room that is perfect for those learning hairdressing theory. In addition to this we can support you in finding work as we have relationships with over 135 hairdressing Salons across Essex and East / Central London

Chiswick Hair Academy - Our academy in Chiswick is the fourth and most well known academy we have in London. This academy consists of 19 hairdressing columns and is tailored more towards barbering with our specialist section and fully equipped training room allowing us to provide training on the theory surrounding barbering

Croydon Hair Academy - Our academy in Croydon is the latest addition to the team and was opened in September 2017. Croydon is our biggest area and with 2 salons spanning across the space with a total of 44 hairdressing columns and with a total of two rooms that are fully equipped for training sessions.

Across all of these locations we have extensive amounts of connections with Salons ensuring that our apprentices can easily find a job at a top Salon once they have completed their apprenticeship. If you would like to find out more about the Hair School Courses we have in London then please get in touch with a member of the team.

Who are LHAA

We are proud to work with over 300 hairdressing and barbering salons across London to give our learners the best opportunities London has to offer and ensure that all of our learners end up with a job they are pleased and happy in. All of our teachers ‘Aspire to Achieve Excellence’ for our students and provide training that is designed to deliver real work based experience providing our learners with key employability skills and an eagerness to learn and develop in the hairdressing industry.

Start your journey towards your new career today! Check out our open day schedule or get in touch with a member of the team now.

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