Love is in the hair!

After the cold, grey, ‘I miss Christmas’ blues of January, February is all about feeling the love and getting ready for Spring. Now Valentines’ Day has been and gone, brides-to-be will start thinking seriously about their wedding day plans - and especially their wedding day hairstyle.

Here are our top tips that every bridal hair stylist needs to know:

Make sure the brides can find you!

Bridal hair and beauty is big business but it’s also very competitive, so when a bride is looking for the perfect stylist be certain your services are at the top of her list. If you’ve got a website, make it as bride-friendly as possible and include lots of tempting information (and especially photographs) showcasing what you can do. If you can afford it, it’s worth hiring a professional photographer to take those pictures – when the brides start walking through your door you’ll know it was a wise investment! And, after you’ve made the bride look so much like a Princess that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty will be fighting over your phone number, ask her for a testimonial you can put on your website… but maybe wait until after the big day!

Also, why not show off your bridal hair talents, attract more customers and encourage word-of-mouth by holding a demonstration evening at your salon? Or, if you work from home, you could invite your friends and neighbours to your house to watch you work your magic on some lucky volunteers? It’s a great way to get people talking even if they’re not in the market for marriage, because this is the time of year when many of us know somebody who knows somebody who’s getting hitched. Your next bridal hair assignment could arrive when you least expect it!

Preparation is everything

For most brides (and their mothers) their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. They’re going to be anxious, they’re going to expect miracles, and you’re going to need to be prepared for every possibility. So, before the big day arrives, there are a few things you must sort out:

  • Is the bride coming to your salon or does she want you to style her hair at another location? If it’s the second one, make sure you’ve already discussed any expenses or travel fees you’ll need to add to their bill.
  • What time is the wedding and when are the wedding photographs being taken? We know that sounds like a no-brainer question, but you’ll be surprised how many brides want to have their pictures snapped before the service. Give yourself (at least) a 45-minute ‘cushion’ so that if things get stressy you’re not under unexpected pressure.
  • What’s the bride’s make-up going to look like? That’s an important consideration when you’re planning their hairstyle, because she’ll want everything to match together effortlessly. And if the bride’s hired a make-up artist, ask for contact information so you can co-ordinate with them before the big day.
  • Will you only be doing the bride’s hair, or will you be styling her bridesmaid’s hair too? Make sure you’re not sprung any last-minute surprises on the big day (like a bridesmaid having a hair crisis) because you can’t work on everybody’s locks at the same time! If you’ve got more people than the bride to think about, you might want to factor in some help (and add it to your bill.)
  • Try and organise a ‘trial run’ with the bride if possible, and make sure you take reference photos.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell the bride to have clean, dry hair and be product-free on the big day. You don’t want to be wrestling with the leave-in conditioner she used the night before.

Expect the unexpected!

A wedding day hardly ever goes completely to plan. If it’s an outdoors wedding, it might start to rain. If you’re working on location, the room you’re in might be busier and more restricted than you were expecting (and remember to bring an extension lead in case they’re stingy with their plug points!) If the bride’s having a meltdown, be prepared to calm her down and break out your finest funniest small talk.   

The important thing is to stay professional, stay calm, and stay flexible. This is the bride’s big day but it’s also a big day for you too, because it’s another opportunity to show off your talents, make your client look wonderful, and impress the entire wedding party with your fabulous stylishness.

Take all this advice onboard and when the brides come calling you’ll be able to smile and say, “Aisle be ready!”

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