Meet the apprentice Zac from Kink Hair

We talk to LHAA apprentice Zac McCormack about his apprenticeship at Kink Hair, working alongside the great Theo Silveston.

At the LHAA, we pride ourselves on finding new talent and helping the top hairdressers of the future to get their start. We know how important being able to earn as you learn is for young people, and that’s why we work with salon partners to train and teach our apprentices. Zac, 17, from Mill Hill, is an LHAA apprentice on track for great things. He works alongside industry heavyweight Theo Silveston at Kink Hair and has a bright future. Here Zak tells us about how his apprenticeship experience has been, and what advice he’d give those considering joining the LHAA.

Hi Zac, when did you decide to become a hairdresser?
It’s funny because I never expected to be a hairdresser at all. I started working in a salon as a part time job to earn some money so I could move to Spain. The move didn’t work out, so I decided to return to the UK and find out about doing an apprenticeship. I’d enjoyed working in the salon before I left so I decided to go back to doing that. It took a while to get settled, but now I’m working at Kink Hair and I’m really happy here.

What’s it been like to do your apprenticeship with the LHAA?

I’ve been learning a lot! My favourite part of the apprenticeship is practicing on the models who come in. When I do a good job, I get a real kick from it. At the LHAA, they teach you to put the extra work in to get qualified. If you can bring in models and practice hard, you’ll learn more and become the hairdresser you want to be faster. 

What have you learned from training with Theo Silveston?

Theo has taught me how important it is to learn to talk to people properly. At Kink Hair we have a lot of customers and when Theo shows me how to interact with them, it builds my confidence and I really enjoy it. Working with him and the team here is brilliant because they care a lot about me and try to push me forward, answer my questions and help as much as they can. I love coming into work.

If you could give a new apprentice at the LHAA some advice, what would it be?
Make sure you listen to people and take everything in! You’ve got to be patient, and let the LHAA tutors help you progress. I used to care a lot about money, so it’s great to earn while you learn, but Theo has changed the way I think about it. He’s taught me that you need to get good at your profession first and then the money will come. My main objective is to learn to be the best hairdresser I can be.

What is your hairdressing ambition?

I want to own a salon or two, eventually, and to work in the film industry. That sounds like an exciting place to work, even though I do love the salon environment too. Watch out, in a few years’ time I’ll be doing Jennifer Lawrence’s hair! 

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