Opening your own salon

Thinking about opening your own salon? There’s never been a better time!

The UK's hair and beauty industry is stronger and more vibrant than ever. More than 245,000 people are employed in over 55,000 UK hair and beauty businesses, helping to generate a whopping £6 billion annual turnover for the UK's economy. Those are amazing statistics that are rapidly increasing year by year, but it doesn't take maths to work out this simple message – if you've ever thought about opening your own salon, this is an excellent time to do it.

We know it won't all be plain sailing. In our new guide ‘Opening a salon: Here's what you need to know', we talk about the pitfalls as well as the rewards. In fact, roughly 1 in 3 UK businesses fail within their first two years. But the reason many of them fail is that they didn't have a sensible business plan, and our guide will give you lots of good advice so that you won't make the same mistake. We also tell you how to assess your start-up costs, what rules and regulations you must be aware of, and tips and tricks to get your first customers through the door – and keep them coming! Two of the things it's most important to remember: location, location, location (yes, there's a reason people say that three times!) and making sure that your salon has the kind of products and décor to keep your clientele happy. More than that, never rest on your laurels! Even when business is steady, and you have a few loyal customers to rely on, you have to keep improving your services and your marketing and find new ways to streamline your costs. Just like the fabulous industry your salon is a part of, you have to keep evolving.

But the real beauty of owning your own salon? There is no other industry more creative and exciting than hairdressing, and your success is not only playing a valuable part in the local and national economy, you're also fostering the talents of the incredible hairstylists and barbers you employ and putting a well-deserved smile on all your customers' faces! Yes, there are long days, challenges and the occasional headache (especially during the early stages) but they all fade in comparison to the rewards, and the rewards – creative and social rewards, as well as financial – are, quite literally, limitless!  All that, and you get to be your own boss too! What could be better?

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