Our 5 favourite Hairdressing Trends for 2019!

From silver hair to rainbow hair and from glitter hair to full fringes. The world of hairdressing has seen many trends come and go for all sorts of events and occasions. Whether it’s a night in town or a few days at a festival; there will always be a new hairdressing trend to match the occasion. Last year we seen various trends take off all year round. An example of a trend is the bob, which hit singer Dua Lipa was commonly spotted with in her live performances, music videos and interviews. If you still wish to continue the bob trend or start a new short hair trend in 2019, Cosmopolitan has produced a gallery of 53 short hairstyles for 2019. To view the gallery click here. At London Hairdressing Apprenticeship company, we are always open to new trends and discovering new ways to style your hair. To kickstart the year, we have carefully selected our favourite 5 hairdressing trends that we believe will take off in 2019.

5. Adult Accessories

Who said hair accessories are for children? In recent months hair accessories have stolen the limelight around the globe in various fashion shows and events. From simplistic hair clips to stand out ribbons and bows, experts believe that more sophisticated versions of the accessories will continue to grow more and more. Hair Accessories can also have multiple benefits besides the beauty. Clips and bandanas are very commonly used to hold up hair in the summer months, so why not glam them up? Using Accessories with a simple hairstyle could also save time and look just as great. The Adult Accessory hairstyle has huge potential and could be huge throughout 2019; especially during the summer months where creativity is through the roof for festival season. We look forward to seeing if the hairstyle does trend and peoples different takes on the trend!

4. Cropped Bangs

Already in 2019, searches for cropped bangs have increased by +51%. This shows that cropped bangs has huge potential this year! When its comes to fringes, it takes some serious commitment,  but for the look it’s surely worth it. The Cropped Bangs look is surely unique and is also called ‘Baby bangs’. The hairstyle has potential to take off early last year and has been spotted in various fashion shows and events towards the end of 2019. If you’re interest in the Cropped Bangs hairstyle, then you should check out this slideshow on Popsugar Beauty of Cropped Bangs looks posted on Instagram. Click here for inspiration.

3. Super-Straight

The Super-Straight hair trend is one from the early 2000’s that is often forgotten about. You may or not recall seeing many women embracing the polka-straight look. According the experts, the trend of Super-Straight will return in 2019, wiping curls and waves out of the scene. The simplistic Super-Straight look is pretty much appropriate for all occasions and looks great with anything. To style for yourself,  Bazaar recommends using the GHD Original Styler. If you wish to view or purchase the GHD Original Styler straighteners, click here. Our hairdressing courses and apprenticeships can support you to use hair products such as the GHD original styler straighteners. London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy provides nothing less than the highest quality hairdressing training by professionals. If you wish to attend one of our open days, click here for more information.

2. Going Gray

Finding your first gray hair may be quite daunting at first, but in 2019 may that be a good thing? In 2017, silver hair was a huge trend across the globe and according to experts, the trend is returning after a short break in 2018. This year, people finding gray hairs have been flocking in mass to pinterest for inspiration. Searches have gone up on pinterest this year for ‘Going Gray’ by a huge +897%! It is already clear that you can expect to see a vast amount of people this year going Silver and embracing the look.

1. Lilac Hair

Lilac Hair may just be the biggest hairdressing trend of 2019, even the biggest beauty trend of 2019. Already this year, searches for Lilac Hair have risen by an incredible +1077%! Except nothing less than flocks of Lilac in all sorts of styles this year and hairdressers stock up on Lilac Hair Dye! Who knew that the effects of leaving purple shampoo in blonde hair for too long could suddenly become a trend? The fun, bright and adventurous colour is loved by us at London Hairdressing Apprenticeship academy. For ideas on Lilac Hair styles, check out this article on The Right Hairstyles here!

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