Raise your salon’s marketing temperature this summer!

The UK is enjoying some sweltering sunshine at the moment, but is the temperature inside your salon as hot as the temperature outside your doors? No, we’re not asking if there’s a problem with your air-conditioner (!) - when the weather’s this good we all want to enjoy it as much as possible, so there’s every chance that footfall might have slowed down a little bit as soon as the thermometer climbed into the red. If that’s the case don’t worry because most of us find the summer weeks grow a little quieter, but there are a few useful marketing tips you could employ to keep your customers coming back for more. Want to know what they are?

Make them an offer!

When business is slowing down, make your customers an offer they can’t refuse! We all love to feel we’re getting a bargain, especially when the bargain involves looking fabulous and saving money at the same time, so why not offer a discount or an additional free service on the hours or days that are especially quiet? This works particularly well if your salon also offers beauty treatments – who wouldn’t want a free head message before their new cut and colour? – but even a small discount on a trim is guaranteed to lure savvy and stylish bargain hunters in on a sunny afternoon.

What about an online deal?

Just like everybody loves a bargain, everybody also loves a daily deal. That’s why websites like Groupon, Wowcher and Livingsocial are incredibly popular. So why not team up with one of those sites (or, if you’re a smaller business, a site that’s more local to your area) and make your customers an online offer that’s impossible to resist? The deal will probably have to be slightly larger than a conventional discount because your customers will be paying for it right away (which means they’ll be looking for a bigger reason than usual to click the ‘buy’ button) but once they’ve visited your salon and you’ve worked your magic you’ve probably got yourself a new loyal returning customer! Isn’t that worth the initial extra investment?

Get your social media working

If your salon has a website or Facebook page use it (and your unstoppable creativity!) to get your customers engaged. After you’ve cut your clients’ hair, encourage them to upload a selfie to your site and have a regular draw to decide the most stylish customer of the week (or why not set up a small ‘selfie station’ in your salon so you could take a client/stylist photo together, before the humidity undoes all your great work?!) Or how about running a small competition to find out who travelled the farthest to go on holiday with the winner receiving a free cut or treatment on their next visit? It’s a fun way to keep your clients coming back to your site, not to mention it cuts down on all the work you have to do dreaming up new topics to write or blog about! And if your salon doesn’t have a website, read our April 24th blog to find out why it should! An online presence is invaluable when it comes to making your business a success.

Meet your public!

Who doesn’t love the three f’s of summer – a fayre, fete or festival - especially when the weather’s this gorgeous? So whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to get involved! Set up a small tent or temporary kiosk, hand out some flyers and watch your happy customers troop in to be wowed by their new fantastic haircut. And if you share some of your proceeds with a deserving local charity we’re pretty sure you’ll spend the entire day on hairstylist overload, but between all the goodwill and new returning business you definitely won’t regret it!

Nominate some ‘influencers’

Are any of your existing clients influential in the local community and/or would make perfect ambassadors for your salon? If so, why not give them a complimentary gift of haircare products or salon services and ask them to pass your business card on to their friends or colleagues? Make sure that the influencer’s name is on the business card so that, when their friend redeems it, you’ll be able to offer your influencer an extra discount on their next visit. This won’t only make your influencer feel special, it will also encourage them to give your salon and stylists excellent word-of-mouth.

Of course, you could apply these marketing ideas at any time of year, but the inevitable peaks and troughs of the summer season are the perfect opportunity to test out what works and what doesn’t. Why not choose your favourite and give it a go over the next few weeks? 

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