Retrain with the LHAA

Retrain with the LHAA and rediscover your dreams!

It’s a myth that most people choose to be unemployed. Here at the London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy we are determined to help people who are out of work not only get back on their feet but finally achieve the life and the rewards – personal, professional and financial – they have always been wishing for. If you want to train as a hairdresser or barber, and enter an industry that will not only give you complete freedom and control but is constantly expanding in excitement and potential, we want to hear from you today! And don’t worry, the course is FULLY FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT which means you will have absolutely NO FEES to pay!

Are you waiting to hear the catch? There isn’t one. Just think about this for a moment…

As a qualified hairdresser or barber, you will always have the skills that everybody needs. That means employment opportunities will always be available. But what if you don’t want to work in a salon, or you’d like to choose your own hours? That’s no problem – a recent survey published by the National Hairdressers Federation revealed that 51.3% of people working in the industry are self-employed! That’s why retraining as a hairdresser is so popular with busy mums, and people who are committed to maintaining a healthy work/life balance. And what if you want to make a complete change? That’s terrific! At the LHAA we will train you for a vocation you can take anywhere in the world, with unlimited earning potential both at home or abroad. And if you are creative, friendly and enjoy using your skills to enhance the lives and happiness of others – you’re a perfect fit!

Re-Invent Yourself!

It is one of the most awful and pernicious side-effects of unemployment that it isolates us and gradually erodes our feelings of self-worth. Many people who have been long-term unemployed not only lack confidence and belief in themselves, they gave up on their dreams many years ago.
But it’s important never to forget that you and your dreams are worth fighting for. That’s where the LHAA comes in.

When you enrol on one of our courses, we’re not looking for jaw-dropping exam results or a CV that’s jam-packed with experience. We understand that everybody’s life story is different, and we’re all unique in our own very special ways. In fact, where our profession is concerned, it’s your uniqueness and individuality that gives you the edge.
All we need from you is your passion to succeed, your enthusiasm and dedication, and your willingness to learn what our incredible industry is all about. In return, we will give you everything you need to thrive. But don’t just thrive… Aspire to Excellence!

Leave your past at the door, and be prepared to set out on a very bright and life-changing new future with the LHAA as your guide.
To find out more, and learn about the courses and opportunities we’re proud to offer you, either call us on 020 8953 9344 or email: [email protected]

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