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Social Distancing, PPE and Cleaning

How will the LHAA be socially distancing in the academy with regards to other students, tutors and staff?

Social distancing measures will be put in place. This will include and not exceed: entry and exit in and out of the academy, entrance and exit from the salons, work areas, stairwells, theory rooms, smoking areas, kitchen areas and toilet areas.

We will be limiting the number of learners attending each academy per day to ensure we can accommodate health and safety regulations. Start times for learners may be staggered to allow for each learner to arrive prompt at their allocated time. This will allow learners to set up their allocated work station and prepare for their assessment and training. Guidelines will follow and be provided for learners and staff members before we re-open.

Will the LHAA be providing PPE to all students and staff, and what will this be? 
We are waiting for definitive answers from the government as to what is fully required and for which activity. We will follow all government guidelines with regards the health and safety of all staff, learners and clients and this information will be communicated to everyone that enters the academy.

Disposable PPE will be supplied to all learners, staff and clients, this is likely to include gloves, facemasks, aprons, gowns and towels. All PPE will be removed and disposed of in black bags when learners and staff are leaving the salons. We are in the process of producing guidelines and a step by step guide to these requirements.

How often will the academy be cleaned?
The salons will have a COVID 19 deep clean prior to opening. The cleaning company will attend the academies daily to fully clean every area. During the day the LHAA staff will maintain hygiene, ensuring that each area is disinfected accordingly. 

What will happen if someone isn’t following social distancing or health & safety guidance? 
We will have a procedure handbook and risk assessment in place, as well as signs around the academy for all guidelines to follow. If a person is not following guidelines, they will be asked to leave site immediately and further action may be taken. 

What will we be doing at lunchtime - will students be allowed to eat in the academy?
Learners can bring in their own food and water. You will be able to eat in the academy but there will be no microwave usage. Guidance will be provided on what is permitted and there will be disposable cutlery and cups to use if required.

Will the LHAA be doing temperature checks on students and staff?
We will be not doing temperature checks. We will however require all our staff and learners to complete a health questionnaire on a daily basis on arrival in the Academy. In addition to this, if a person is feeling unwell they will be advised not to attend the academy. If a person is feeling unwell whilst at the academy they will be immediately sent home. Guidance will be provided on wellbeing and covid-19 symptoms and we have a range of e-learning resources for learners to access.


What will happen if my salon or academy schedule changes?

We will be in communication with your salon; if your teaching schedule changes, we will inform your salon with notice. If employers change the training day for their apprentice the LHAA will accommodate for this. 

There may be a small change to start times and finish times, and days of attendance to phase learners back to the academies. We will be limited to the number of learners in attendance in each academy at one given time. This is to ensure that we are able to follow social distancing rules and health and safety regulations. Start and end times of training will differ to avoid unnecessary travel during peak times.

Will The LHAA be doing H+S checks on salons to make sure all students are safe in their workplaces?
It is the responsibility of the employers to ensure that the workplace is safe for staff to return. Salons need to follow the government guidelines and prepare for opening. If a learner feels unsafe they must report this to the LHAA. 

Will EPAs due to take place in September onwards be pushed back? 
The LHAA are currently booking EPAs with VTCT to commence end of July. We are planning for September EPAs to go ahead. All apprentices will be informed of their EPA dates and employers will agree the date with the apprentice and the LHAA. The allocated EPA dates will depend on availability of the VTCT apprenticeship assessors. We are working closely with VTCT to ensure that EPAs are booked.

Will models be allowed for EPAs?
LHAA are currently in communication with VTCT regards models for EPAs. We will follow the government guidelines as per salons with regards to protecting clients, social distancing measures and health and safety precautions. PPE and sanitization will be provided to learners/staff and clients. 

What will happen to apprentices who have lost their jobs or feel they are at risk of losing their jobs?
The LHAA will provide appropriate information, advice and guidance. Our employer engagement team will support the apprentice in finding another workplace as long as salons have vacancies and we are able to arrange an interview. The EEM will provide a list of salon vacancies for the apprentice to apply to their selected salon preference and support them with interview techniques.

Learning & Assessments

Will the LHAA be having models come in?

Models will not be permitted to attend the academies in July apart from for EPA purpose. Health and safety guidance will be provided and a set of guidelines will follow. 
Will home learning be continuing?

We are continuing in the first phase approach to continue with distance learning or blended learning over the next few months. The LHAA will keep you fully up to date of the teaching and learning plans over the forthcoming weeks. 

How will Functional Skills be taking place?
FS skills will continue through the learning platform Skills Forward. Learners who are required to sit an online exam will be contacted.  

Will the LHAA be extending course end dates?
Yes learners who have an end date from August onwards will be provided with additional time on programme to upskill and complete their course. We will make sure you get the training you need.  

Will the home learning teaching be covered again?
If you have covered all theory this will not be delivered again, so please make sure you are completing all work set by your tutor. You may be given revision tasks to build on confidence. There will be a focus on practical training delivery once all learners are permitted to return to the academy. 

Will it be possible to do theory assessments online?
We are currently waiting for confirmation from the awarding body as to how we will be able to conduct online exams. 

How much notice will students be given before going back?
As soon as the LHAA have all health and safety measures and guidance in place you will be provided with the set of guidance prior to your return to the academy. We will attempt to provide you with as much notice as possible. The LHAA will be in contact with individual learners to agree your training plan and identify any at risk.

Will alternative travel to the academy be reimbursed?
Alternative travel arrangement will not be reimbursed. We do need to be aware of how you attempt to travel in to the academies. We will provide the correct information, advice and guidance to support your needs. 

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