School's Out

School's out! Get educated in a hairdressing or barbering apprenticeship!

We’ve got great news for all the talented, creative youngsters out there who have so much to offer but find academia hard – staying on at school is not your only option this September.  Instead there is a world of opportunity waiting for you right now if you elect to do an apprenticeship. The even better news? You  Earn While You Learn.

Here at London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy we currently have over 75 apprenticeship vacancies on offer. If you train with us, we’ll help you develop your hairdressing and barbering skills, and we will also support you to find employment in your salon of choice as you will need to be employed in a salon or barber shop to undertake an apprenticeship.

LHAA apprentices get to develop their skills safe in the knowledge they won’t emerge from their studies and discover they’ve got a great qualification but no employment. Apprenticeship training is tailored to ensure you’re ready to step straight into your first real job. You can rest assured that our strong connections with a range of salons means we can get you work – we work with over 350 slaons across Hertfordshire, Essex and London.

The most common characteristic of our apprentices is their passion for hairdressing and barbering. They want to learn how to hone their craft and become great hairdressers because they know the rewards their hard work can bring.  That’s what we are looking for in our potential students, not great GCSE results. If school isn’t for you then don’t be under the illusion that you have to stay there until you are 18. Traditional education isn’t the only place for you to shine.

There’s a reason that hairdressing is still one of the top ten vocational careers – it’s the gateway to a world of exciting experiences. Your career in this industry is what you make it. You can work all across the world, you can work in a commercial high street salon, a highly fashion orientated salon or you could choose to work in the theatre or the film industry. The choices are wide and varied.

So don’t worry that you struggled at school and therefore think can’t carve out a great career. Just give us a call and and we will help you take the first step towards a richly rewarding exciting future.

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