The importance of apprenticeships

If you’re a regular visitor to the LHAA blog pages, you’ll know how passionate we are about the value of apprenticeships. After all, apprenticeships are what the LHAA is all about and – thanks to our incredible tutors and our wonderful salon partners – our apprenticeships have helped literally hundreds of hairdressing hopefuls find success since we first opened our doors.

But what’s been especially encouraging is how opinions towards apprenticeships have changed over the last few years. More and more young people are choosing to do an apprenticeship as an alternative to going to university, and thanks to the ability to ‘earn while you learn’, apprentices are effectively beginning their careers as soon as their apprenticeship starts. Isn’t that a much better deal than slaving at uni for a handful of years, building up a crippling debt, and then worrying about whether you’ll even find employment once you’ve earned your degree?

Something else people are beginning to realise is that apprenticeships can often be the fastest route into their chosen profession because the on-the-job training means they’re already ‘work-ready’, gaining experience and making invaluable connections while they’re still studying. And let’s dispel the myth that being an apprentice gives you less advantages than a university graduate. Unless you want to be a doctor or dentist, there are apprenticeships and other tuition-free pathways into most highly skilled professions. The old-fashioned bias against apprenticeships vs. university just isn’t there anymore.

But here’s something else that’s worth considering… when you’re an apprentice, you’re growing in your determination to succeed. Why? Because right from the very beginning you’re working hard to be the best you can be. When you’re studying at university you’ve occasionally got time to ease off a little but as an apprentice you’re proving yourself and pursuing success from the very first day. That’s an important quality to nurture, especially in an industry like hairdressing where being self-sufficient and thinking entrepreneurially can pay dividends further down the line.

Finally, being an apprentice is also a lifestyle choice. It isn’t just achieving a qualification. As a LHAA apprentice you’ll be interacting with so many different people, including your classmates, your tutors, your mentors and the general public, that your communication, customer service and problem-solving skills will be developing at the same time as your technical and creative abilities. That’s automatically going to put you at an advantage once you’ve qualified.

And you know something else that’s great about being a LHAA apprentice? It doesn’t matter what your qualifications are – or even if you don’t have any qualifications – it’s you that we’re interested in. Unlike a university, you don’t need to wow us with your academic prowess. Just wow us with who you are, and we’ll do the rest.

That’s why, if you’re focused on a hairdressing or barbering career, a LHAA apprenticeship is the very best choice you could make. Get in touch today, we’d love to tell you more. 

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