Want career happiness? Become a hairdresser!

By Kate White

Hairdressing is a career that can take you to amazing places and it’s also a path to happiness, studies suggest. When examining who the happiest workers in the UK are, hairdressing often ranks higher than jobs with bigger pay cheques and more responsibility. So what is it about our profession that brings us this joy and contentment?

Getting creative!

One of the most satisfying things about your work is being able to express yourself creatively – and that’s a day-to-day experience for hairdressers. With so much diversity in the work we do, and so many wonderful ways to cut and style hair, it’d be hard not to be creatively fulfilled. There is a real artistry to hairdressing and you can reflect your personality and changing fashions in your work.

So many opportunities!

Once you are fully qualified and working, there are so many directions that a career in hairdressing can take you. As well as securing jobs in salons, hairdressers can find work in film, TV, on cruise ships and in so many other places too. It’s a career that take you as far as you want to go – whether that’s to a local salon you love, or somewhere international and fabulous.

Striking out on your own

Working for yourself can bring so many benefits, and being a hairdresser means you have the skills that could set you up in self-employment. Armed with your stylist talents and your kit, you can go mobile at first and build up a client base. Being in charge of your own destiny is a huge advantage in life and key reason for happiness at work. Hairdressing is a profession in which entrepreneurs excel.

Making other people happy

When a client sits in your chair, it’s within your power to turn the whole day around for them. Being able to make people feel better about their appearance is a wonderful thing, and you can often rescue customers from hair disasters that are making them miserable. Knowing that your work has sent someone out of your door with a spring in their step gives you a real kick and contributes to feeling good about yourself and your profession.

Sharing the fun

The world of hairdressing is a vibrant and fun one to be a part of. Getting to spend time with fellow creative people and seeing their work evolve is hugely inspiring. You’ll spend time with likeminded people, whose friendship and support is bound to make you smile. So join us, and get happy!

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