What does your hair say about you?

Every day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we head back to sleep, we’re both consciously and unconsciously sending the world signals about who we are. It can be anything from our body language to the inflections in our voice to the clothes we choose to wear, but when other people receive those signals they also receive our message whether they (or we) are aware of it or not. And one of the biggest ways we send that message is via our hair – in its colour, its style, and how we take care of it. Our hair reveals a lot about our personality. 

So, let’s play a game. Do any of these relate to you, or do you think it’s all a big old wives tale?

Do you love your waves?

Wavy hair suggests somebody who is comfortable inside their own body – someone creative and deeply connected to their emotions, who is also a dreamer and a free-spirit. Long natural wavy hair also suggests openness, likability and poise. If you’re a wild child, we bet your hair’s got a few gorgeous waves in it!

It’s not only blondes that have more fun…

…apparently redhead’s do too! Some people think it’s a myth that redheads are intense and fiery, but instead believe that red hair shows people you have a sense of fun and adventure and enjoy being at the centre of attention. Conversely, it can also mean you’re shy and choose your moments carefully. How’s that for a confusing bunch of completely opposite opinions?

What about curls?

If you’ve got curls, you’re projecting warmth, fun and passion… but you can also be a bit of a diva. On the other hand, curls can also suggest massive creativity, a fondness for finding out-of-the-box solutions at work and in life, and a personality that doesn’t play by the rules.

On the third (?) hand, if you’ve got straight hair that you can’t stop curling, this suggests you’re hungry for an adventurous transformation and to have more fun in your life but if you’ve got curly hair that you keep trying to straighten, this can be a signal that you just want to calm down and take the pressure off for a while.

Being thick can be a good thing!

Especially it’s your hair. Thick hair is all about power, intensity, and somebody who digs their heels in until they get what they want. You’ve got a lot of energy and you really don’t like not getting your own way. Thick eyebrows also say the same thing so if you’ve got a combination of both you’re really not someone to be messed with!

Get up and (wash and) go!

Here’s where it gets confusing again. On one hand, wash and go people just want to get things done. Their back-to-basics ‘hit the shower and leave’ routine tells you all you need to know about their personality. They’re focused, logical and no-nonsense and they tend not to connect too well with anyone else’s emotions.

But here’s the but…

Wash and goers can also be so laid back and creative that they just want to get their morning shower done so they can get on with the fun in life. They’re probably big into their friends and families and enjoying freedom. If we were wash and goers we know which personality type we’d be. How about you?

All hail the diva!

Spend a lot of time over your morning hair and make-up routine? Is it always making you late for appointments but you don’t really care because you look so fabulous everybody else can wait?! High maintenance hair people can send out some interesting mixed messages: that they care about spending time on their appearance, but also that they’re so hooked up on their appearance that they really don’t have much room or care for anybody else. They also tend not to like it if you don’t appreciate all the hard work they’ve put in to making their hair look so great.

On the other hand, of course, they may always be on time because they start working on their hair extra early, which suggests care and dedication. But either way it’s a good bet that high maintenance hair peeps love the attention!

Messy buns?

You care more about your family, friends and the people around you than spending time fixating on your hair. Your motivation is to get things done for others.

Of course, you could also be a fashion maven who’s adopted the messy bun (or the simple plait or ponytail) because, right now, it’s a bit of a catwalk staple…

It’s time to pony up

A ponytail that you’ve taken time to create is a serious go-getter look. It’s another one of those styles that says you’re feminine, you’re self-assured, and you’re focussed on your goals.

Or maybe it’s just easier to wear after you’ve left the gym and you’ve got a busy day ahead? 

What do straight hair and layered hair have in common?

They both mean that you won’t accept anything less than perfection. After all, it takes time and commitment to keep your hair poker straight and, by the same token, layered hair won’t look its best unless you keep it well maintained. Straight hair and layered hair people make great organisers, but run away fast if you do anything to disrupt their finely tuned plans!

We could have made this list much longer (maybe we will in a future blog) but that’s enough to be getting on with for now. Personally, although we agree that your hairstyle and colour can speak volumes about who you are, it’s also clear that there are too many contradictions to really be sure about anything. All we know is, when our hair looks and feels fantastic it goes a long way to helping us believe we can take on the world. Whether you’re straight, curly, layered, red, or messy, that can never be a bad message to send out to other people can it?

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