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Why hairdressing is a great career!

Finding your way in the professional world is often a daunting task filled with tough decisions and major U-turns, we’re all either going through it or have been there! For those looking for a creative, sociable and flexible career in one of the happiest industries in the world, hairdressing could well be for you.

Creative Flare
Hairdressing comes with the opportunity of unleashing your creative potential. In working with colours, braids, fabrics, textures, and different equipment, the possibility to be inventive is a daily reality that the majority simply don’t have in their 9 to 5 grind. No doubt some clients come with ideas in mind that can be restrictive, but there is still creativity involved in exacting the styles and colouring. Hairdressing is not only limited to the salon either. There is ample opportunity to express yourself in other areas of the profession be it bridal hair, hair for fashion shows, or styling for TV and film.

Branching Out
There’s lots of opportunity in the hairdressing profession to specialise, train and gain qualifications and skills. With the advent of celebrities like Kylie Jenner regularly sporting a number of complicated, unusual hairstyles and hair colours, the demand for more adventurous hair is on the rise. New technologies in hair extensions and coloration ultimately mean more chances for learning new skills.

More than this, the demands for multi-purpose salons are on the rise. A trim and blow-dry simply doesn’t cut it for many clients these days who expect manicures, pedicures and dermatological services to name a few. Professional progression is therefore easily accessible in the industry for those with the right amount of motivation.

Go Worldwide
Going freelance couldn’t be easier for professional hairdressers. From session stylists in high fashion photo-shoots to mobile hairdressing in communities, travelling far afield whilst working is easily doable in hairdressing.

If international isn’t for you but you still get kicks from a bit of travelling, there are plenty of opportunities to tour in the UK. Often large salon chains, hair product brands and hairdressing associations hold showcases and forums that are always looking for new talent to promote! They’re great networking opportunities and a chance to see the latest fashions, products and techniques in the industry.

Get Social
As well as the pampering, most clients visit salons to de-stress and converse. If you love to chat and don’t mind lending an ear, hairdressing is the ideal profession. Because of the social nature of the job other hairdressers are approachable too, so you won’t be short of work-based friends, which can only mean a happier professional life in general.

Working Hours Tailored to You
Like many, the idea of working in the same 9 to 5 routine, day in day out, is unappealing. Moreover, the lack of leeway that usually comes with this kind of job is frequently unfeasible for a lot of people with care commitments to children, elderly or disabled friends and family. For many, flexibility is therefore an absolute must. As well as being able to work almost anywhere, hairdressers also often have the privilege of choosing their schedule. If you work in a salon you may have a little less freedom than those who freelance or do home visits, but the option to work some weekdays and some weekends is common in most hairdressers.

Professional Bliss
Ever considered that you could have one of the happiest jobs in the world? The Cabinet Office’s Wellbeing and Policy Report recently revealed that although hairdressers earn ten times less than chief executives they are just as happy. The City & Guilds survey ranked hairdressing as the second happiest job in the UK with 79% of hairdressers reporting that they are happy most of the time in their role for reasons such as great support and recognition. It just goes to show that it’s not always the highest wage that reaps the most reward.

Do What You Love
Work is the place that we spend most of our time and it is where we invest much of our energy and our care. Because of this, it is absolutely essential for your own personal wellbeing that you feel positively about the career path that you choose. Some people are drawn to hairdressing from a young age, plaiting the hair of family members, styling dolls and attempting the (often unsuccessful) self-styled fringe, but many decide on the profession at a later stage too. What matters is that you have a career that feels productive and satisfying. As the age old saying ‘do what you love and love what you do’.

So if you’re interested in expressing your creativity, seeing some of the world, and making other people feel good about themselves hairdressing may be the professional route to choose.
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