Why hairdressing is the perfect career for you

When it comes to the happiest jobs in the world, you’ll nearly always find hairdressing at the top of the list. But one of the many reasons it’s the happiest job in the world is because it’s so inclusive. If you enjoy being around people and you’ve got energy, personality and creativity – especially if you’re always willing to learn and you’re prepared to work hard at your craft – hairdressing is undoubtedly the industry for you. Unlike most other professions, you’ll be accepted for who you are because who you are is your greatest asset. Nobody else thinks like you, or has quite your style. As a hairdresser, your personality and individuality will always be recognised. It’s the calling card that keeps your clients coming back for more.

Think about how unique you are. Think about what brought you to this place, reading this blog, wishing you could be a part of this fabulous industry too. Your passion + your individuality is what’s going to make you a success and that’s why you should stop wishing and just do it. What are you worried about? Job security?

As a hairdresser you’ll always have a career. It doesn’t matter how hard times get economically, people will always need to get their hair cut and they’ll always be trusting you to make them look their best and feel good about themselves. In fact, hairdressing is pretty much the only industry that’s future-proof. No-one’s ever going to want a robot to work on their valuable barnet, and while other businesses are folding left, right and centre, salons and spas are blossoming all over the high street. And that’s not counting the opportunities you’ll find if you work abroad, on cruise ships or at exotic resorts.

You don’t even have to work for other people. Freelance / self-employed hairdressing is becoming more and more popular these days, as everybody tries to find the perfect work/life balance. You could go mobile or you could style from home and have your clients come to you. If you’re hankering after something more glamorous, you could work on magazine photoshoots, behind the scenes at fashion shows, or even for movies and tv. How many other careers are that flexible, and offer so much opportunity for change and excitement?

So what else is worrying you? That the hours are long and the money isn’t good?

The money thing is a bit of an urban myth. Every job has a learning curve, but as you develop your experience you’ll be amazed at your high earning potential. Even when you first start, you’ll never earn less than minimum wage and career progression can be fast if you’re prepared to work hard enough.

The bottom line is, hairdressing is one of the most sociable jobs in the world and while you’re developing your interpersonal skills (and your client base) you’ll be learning more, you’ll be meeting more people, and you’ll be discovering incredible ways to expand your career. No client is ever the same and every day has its own challenges but what’s the alternative? Waking up in the morning already dreading the day ahead, not being appreciated for all your hard work and worried that if your co-workers attempt to smile their faces might crack under the pressure? Most of us have been there and it’s no fun.

But as a hairdresser you’ll never face that dilemma! And that’s why hairdressing is the happiest and most fulfilling career in the world (and the most inclusive too!) If you’d like to find out more, get in touch. We’d love to have you join us

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