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We have over 67 apprenticeship vacancies for immediate start • We can find you a salon placement • Start your apprenticeship today! • We have over 67 apprenticeship vacancies for immediate start • We can find you a salon placement • Start your apprenticeship today!


We have over 66 apprenticeship vacancies for immediate start • We can find you a salon placement • Start your apprenticeship today! • We have over 66 apprenticeship vacancies for immediate start • We can find you a salon placement • Start your apprenticeship today!
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No GCSEs? No worries! If you're currently taking your GCSE exams – or any other exams for that matter – you're probably already worrying about your grades and what the future may hold. Well, if you want to train at the LHAA we’ve got some great news for you: whatever your results might be (and we wish you all the luck in the world) you've always got a place with us. It doesn't even READ MORE
Working in a salon vs Working for yourself: What's your style? Whether to work for ourselves or work for somebody else – that is a question most professional hairdressers will ask themselves at least once or twice (or probably even a hundred times!) during the course of their career. Both options have big pros and cons, but the decision you make should ultimately come from your heart – what feels best for you deep inside – with a lot of y READ MORE
Congratulations... Mitch wins Mitch wins the Southern Regional Final of the Wella Trend Vision Competition Our extremely talented barber educator Mitch Laguerre wowed the judges at the 'Wella Trend Vision Southern Regional Finals' with this edgy urban creation. This look was influenced by 'The Phoenix' which conveys to Mitch how barbering has changed his life since moving to London. Mitch was assisted by READ MORE
Hairdresser or therapist? How not to blur the lines... Hairdressers love people. That’s one of the big reasons why most of us entered the profession because we enjoy using our creative skills to make our clients look wonderful, and to help them feel good about themselves. It’s a very privileged position to be in, and we should never underestimate its power. But why do many people feel the need to tell us READ MORE
Why going 'above and beyond' makes all the difference Like you, we’re passionate about the hairdressing industry. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of it, and why we’re so excited to be training the hairdressing stars of the future. And it goes without saying that every stylist should develop their technical skills to the fullest potential and that no matter how long you’ve been part of this wonderful profession you ne READ MORE
Apprenticeships in the UK are an ongoing success story “Apprenticeships are one of the greatest success stories of the decade,” said the Right Honourable Robert Halfon MP, Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills, during a recent interview, “It is fantastic to know that 90 percent of people that do apprenticeships go on to further work or education. This really is something to shout about.” He also talked about the n READ MORE
Why you need the true story about popular hair myths At LHAA we’re on a mission to give everyone access to great hair care, one stylist at a time. But there are plenty of things you can do at home to make your locks the best they can be. The trouble is that there’s so much advice out there these days, it’s hard to know what is true and what’s total nonsense. Especially when so-called experts are there at every turn with a new READ MORE
National Apprenticeship Week delivers positive new figures An incredible 92% of apprentices in work say that their apprenticeship had a positive impact on their career, according to statistics released by the Government. This week is National Apprenticeship Week, and it’s becoming ever clearer what a success this option is for young people.   The research also delivers great news for employers. They say that 9 out of 10 employers who hoped t READ MORE
Apprenticeships - the training ground for the rich and famous! For those beginning their apprenticeship journey, the road ahead is exciting but uncertain. So it’s always good to know that many top careers have begun on the very same path. There are plenty of big names who got their start as an apprentice, and now speak glowingly about the impact of that training on their lives today. This week’s blog is a celebration of those big names who bega READ MORE
Get app-y to change your look There used to be a time when you’d go to your hairdresser clutching a torn out picture from the latest copy of In Style magazine and pray this look was made for you. The trouble with that strategy is that while Jennifer Aniston looked amazing with a ‘Rachel’ cut, that style had the potential to make you look like Chandler in his flashbacks rather than the fabulous Ms Green. B READ MORE
Watch out, hairdressers... Watch out, hairdressers – it’s a trap! The great thing about working in the hairdressing industry is that we’re a fun-loving bunch of creative people. We love to share our ideas, our stories and our style with each other and the world. What carries us through is our sense of humour, and if you’ve ever spent a day in a salon, you’ll know there are plenty of laughs t READ MORE
Fire Safety... Is your salon meeting fire safety standards?   Salon owners have been advised to double check their fire safety arrangements by a leading fire safety expert.   David Woodward, who worked in the Norfolk Fire Service for 30 years and now runs his own consultancy Tas Valley Fire, says there is a simple checklist of requirements that can ensure you are in line with regulations.   READ MORE
Triple win for Stuart Phillips Triple win for LHAA salon partner Stuart Phillips   The LHAA are delighted to congratulate our salon partner Stuart Phillips on a triple win at the 2016 Wealth & Finance International Awards.   The team picked up a trio of gongs for excellence in hairdressing from the prestigious publication. Stuart Phillips is one of the salon partners we are so proud to work with to give our ap READ MORE
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