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Is your salon meeting fire safety standards?

Salon owners have been advised to double check their fire safety arrangements by a leading fire safety expert.
David Woodward, who worked in the Norfolk Fire Service for 30 years and now runs his own consultancy Tas Valley Fire, says there is a simple checklist of requirements that can ensure you are in line with regulations.
Hair salons are considered low fire risk by the UK Fire Service because they are occupied during working hours by alert staff who know the premises well. There also tends to be a clear means of fire escape and the materials used in hairdressing or barbering do not pose a huge fire risk. Although there are flammable products like hairspray, the quantities kept in a hair salon are not vast, so the threat is limited. For those reasons it’s relatively simple to ensure your salon is safe.
“It’s vitally important that you obtain a fire risk assessment from a trained fire specialist,” recommends Mr Woodward. “The cost of this is small, it’s the cost of implementing the advice that can be expensive. For hair salons, a large cost is unlikely as you only require basic fire detection and extinguishers.”
To read Mr Woodward’s advice and work through his checklist, please read the full blog here.

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