Get app-y to change your look

There used to be a time when you’d go to your hairdresser clutching a torn out picture from the latest copy of In Style magazine and pray this look was made for you.
The trouble with that strategy is that while Jennifer Aniston looked amazing with a ‘Rachel’ cut, that style had the potential to make you look like Chandler in his flashbacks rather than the fabulous Ms Green.

But thanks to technology, there’s no need to play a game of chance when braving a new look. There is a range of apps out there that give you the chance to wear all kinds of different looks before committing to one. So, whether you want to look Emma Stone-fierce, or just see if you can carry off a bob, you can start experimenting. Just head over to the blog page for our look at five top apps that give you a world of style in the palm of your hand.

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